Pumpkin Pattern Path Math Game for Kids

Combine gross motor movement and math in this fun Pumpkin Pattern Path Math Game. Make a set of felt pumpkins for patterning, then let the kids have fun over and over again this fall.

Pumpkin Pattern Path Math Game, a FUN math game that combines movement and patterns. Great for outdoor math lessons.

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Pumpkin Pattern Path Math Game

Learning Objective: Make and extend a pattern.

Materials Needed for Pumpkin Pattern Path Math Game:

How to Make

  1. First, print the pumpkin patterns. Use grey scale and draft or quick print to save on ink.
  2. Then, the adult cuts at least 4 of each pumpkin shape. Tall, short, and round.
  3. Lastly, use the orange fabric paint to add vertical lines. (optional) Allow to dry overnight

How to Play

  1. First, set the pumpkins in a pile.
  2. Then, practice making and extending patterns using clap and knee tap with your kids.
  3. Explain that the children will be making a pattern path with pumpkins.
  4. Allow them time to make a path.
  5. Encourage them to walk on their path to check, saying the pumpkin shape out loud. Example: tall, short, tall short, tall short.
  6. Repeat as wanted!

Pumpkin Pattern Path Math Game Variations

  • Use the felt pumpkins to act out the poem: 5 LITTLE PUMPKINS SITTING ON A GATE
  • Sort the pumpkins into 3 different groups based on their attributes.
  • Set them in a line and have children walk and count to practice rote counting.

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