Pippa Park Raises Her Game by Erin Yun

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Title:  Pippa Park Raises Her Game
Author:  Erin Yun
Illustrator:  Various
Publisher:  Fabled Films Press
ISBN:   9781944020262


Pippa Park lived with her sister Mina and her husband Jung-Hwa. Her mom was back home in South Korea due to an expired visa. Pippa doesn’t always get along with her sister and things seemed to get worse especially since she had poor math grades. Pippa couldn’t play basketball, which she loved, until her grades were better. As a result, Pippa will have a math tutor at Lakeview School.

Pipa learned that she would be attending Lakeview on a basketball scholarship. It’s a mystery to her as to who submitted an application for her. She suspected it was her new tutor, the very handsome and wealthy Eliot Haverford. As she navigates her way through the halls and various teachers she has to remember that she is no longer at Victoria Middle School and must keep her loyalties to her new school and basketball team. Pipa’s motto is to fake it until you make it, but how far will she go to keep up with the rich kids? How far will she go to hide her true self and what will be the end result?

Authur Erin Yun has created a great coming of age story for middle grade readers. The characters are fun and kids will be able to relate to them. This quick read is perfect for a class read-a-loud so that teachers can open up discussion about goals, dreams and how to just be yourself.

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