People Turn To This Online Community When They Need A Mother Figure, And It Delivers Every Single Time (96 Posts)

American adventurer Christopher McCandless, who the movie Into The Wild is based on, is attributed with the phrase "Happiness is only real when shared", and I guess the same can be said about a lot of other emotions, too. We humans are social creatures, and our lives are heavily dependent on the connections we form with one another. Out of those, arguably the most important one is with our mothers. However, not everyone has one.

Luckily, there is a subreddit called 'Mom For A Minute' to fill the void, even if ever so slightly. "We are Mother Geese to our loving Ducklings," the community introduces itself. "When you need understanding, congratulations, praise, or advice from a mother figure, but don't have one in real-life able or willing to provide that for you — we are here for you. We support you and love you unconditionally!" And they deliver every single time.

Over the years, we at Bored Panda have covered a lot of corners of the internet but this is one wholesome tearjerker. I know it can sound like a cliché, but sometimes knowing that there's a person who cares really is all that you need to get through the day.

#1 Mom, I Do Neighborhood Cleanups Each Week And Everybody Looks At Me Like A Fool. I’m Disabled And Alone. Please Tell Me I’m An Okay Person

My dear, I’m proud of you for cleaning up neighborhoods. It’s hard work and takes a big person to do that. You’re alright love.

And if you’re ever too alone, I’m here. Make sure you dress warm, that photo looks cold. (:

Dearest just because we are disabled doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of great things


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#2 Hi Internet Moms! My Birthgiver Is More Interested In Trying To Pray My Gay Away, But I Want To Share With Someone That I Proposed To My Wonderful Now-Fianceé! I'm Very Happy She Said Yes!


congratulations!!!! honey, love is love. and it’s beautiful!! literally misting up at this happiest moment w you both, i feel sorry for anyone who can’t share it with you, due to their own issues. please take the best care of each other forever, i know you will.

sincerely, all your other mamas in spirit 



I have just prayed the gay to stay.

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#3 Mom, Today I Am 5 Years Clean And Sober. Feb 14th 2016 Was The Day I Got Clean

I am proud of you! And the beautiful young lady you have grown into! Keep it up!!
I am in awe of your strength. It is not easy to stop, but you did it. Please, be proud of yourself!

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#4 As A Child Of An Alcoholic, My Bedroom Was An Air Mattress In A Tool Shed, Separated From The Rest Of My Family. Today I Moved Into The First Beautiful Place I Have Ever Had. It’s Clean, And It’s Mine. And I’m So Proud

GhostWolfRaven333: Oh I am so very proud of you!!! You have done amazing and your hard work and determination paid off!! Hugs xx

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#5 Hi Mom, It’s Been A Long Time Since The Accident That Left Me Unable To Use My Legs Properly But Yesterday I Managed To Walk About 10 Steps. I Hoped You’d Be Proud But You Ignored My Message

I am SO PROUD, honey. 10 steps is just the beginning. You can do whatever to put your mind to. I have so much faith in you. I’m just so so proud of those ten steps and you!!

You are a freaking rockstar superhero! How awesome is this? Never give up! If you walk or don't I am always here.

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#6 Mom, My Family And My Friends Made Fun The Platypus I Crocheted. No One Wants To Buy It Either. Should I Even Continue With Making These?

They're adorable, don't listen to negativity crocheting is quite a talent!!! Animal shelters to sometimes are looking for sweaters and toys for their littlest of survivours maybe reach out to a local shelter? Children's ward of your local hospital (Preemie's) need little friends to hold - hats to keep them warm - blankets to snuggle in? Keep doing what your doing xo

That is adorable and they don't know what they're missing. It looks like it would make a good stuffed buddy for a new born :)

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#7 I’m Almost 1 Year Sober And I Am Celebrating My First New Years With No Drugs And Alcohol For The First Time In Over A Decade!!!

Dearest, I am so proud of you! Your heart is so beautiful and you have so much love in you. I am so sorry that you had to hide in yourself. Welcome back with all your light. Wish you the best year yet, and many more to come
Expecto-Corona: Congratulations baby! Im so proud of you! What wonderful and rewarding hard work you've done! Good job darling!

Edit: and my mother says congratulations too! G- ma is proud of you as well

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#8 Hey Mom. I Know You Are Dead And Were Not The Most Supportive But This Is Glacier. He Is My Soon To Be Service Dog. You Might Have Called Me A Psychotic Bit*ch But I Have Schizophrenia And I Am Proud To Say That I Am A Person With Schizophrenia. I Am Tired Of Hiding That This Is Something I Have

diminutivedwarf: He looks so calm and sweet. You deserve more love than you have been given and he is the first step to the happiness you should have always had

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#9 Hi Mom, To Celebrate My Birthday I’ve Decided To Make 35 Care Bags, One For Each Year, And Will Be Handing Them Out To People In Need In My Neighborhood. I Can’t Think Of A Better Way To Celebrate Than To Behave Like The Person I’ve Always Wanted To Be


 I’m very proud of you. Happy birthday my dear!

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#10 We've Got Your Back

Not just teen girls. All women. I’ve had girls come up to me and act like we were best friends when we were complete strangers just so they weren’t alone w a creepy dude bugging them. I caught on immediately every time. This is a great tactic ladies pls don’t be afraid to use it.

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#11 Hey Mom, I Wore A Dress For The First Time Since I Was In An Explosion. It Was So Scary Showing My Scars For The First Time. But I Did It And I Still Felt Beautiful

Proud of you. Beauty comes from within, and it radiates from you. I imagine that was not easy, especially since people can be nosy and rude.
[deleted]: You are absolutely gorgeous the red is beautiful on your complexion and that smile shines so bright
laamara: Hey mija (your Spanish mom here), I just wanted to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful and you are rocking that dress. Always keep that smile on and radiate your true self<3

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#12 Mom, I’m 10 Years Clean From Heroin Today

Trudisheff: I’m so incredibly proud of you! You look amazing compared to those dark times. So strong.

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#13 I've Lost Over 200 Lbs In The Past Year. Confronting My Eating Disorder, Past Trauma, And Learning Healthy Habits Has Been Incredibly Difficult But Is The Best Thing I've Ever Done For Myself. Would Just Love Some Affirmation From An Internet Mom That I Don't Get From My Bio Mom

That is HUGE! Maladaptive eating habits are so ingrained. You should be proud of yourself!!

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#14 Hey, Mom... I Got Engaged This Weekend. She’s Been So Wonderful To Me, But It’s Been Really Hard To Enjoy This Moment Without Remembering How Much Family I’ve Lost Due To Loving A Woman. All Of Our Friends Are Over The Moon, But I Really Hope You’re Happy For Me Too

I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Congratulations!! You are beautiful together and I can see the joy on your faces! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Let me know if you want help planning!

You both are so BEAUTIFUL! I am beyond happy and proud that you've found true love

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#15 Hey Mom, I Cleaned My Room! My Depression Has Been Overcoming Me Lately And My Room Was An Absolute Disaster, But I'm Finally Getting Help And Starting To Heal! I'm Genuinely Feeling Better!

Yay! Look at you rocking that vacuum. When you feel too overwhelmed by depression to do anything, just try to do something. Breaking that inertia and doing one thing makes it easier to do the next. So proud of you for getting help and healing. I'm rooting for you!
You are fabulous! So proud of you. I can see how happy it made you today; hold onto that feeling. There will be ups and downs to come; remembering how good you felt today can help move you forward. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it. Sending a big hug xo

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#16 Hey Mom, You Passed Away Before You Could See Me Grow Up, But Look At Me Now! Your Baby Girl Is 2 Years Alcohol Free!

That’s wonderful! So proud of you! And you’re beating your own record every day.

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#17 Hey Mum. When I Was 9, Dad Gave Us A Few Dollars To Buy You A Birthday Present. I Thought This Was Hilarious. When You Died Last Year I Discovered You Still Had It. In Perfect Nick. There Were Tears. I Turned 40 Last Month. It’s Lasted 31 Years And Two 40 Year Olds. It Feels Pretty ... Special

Sobriquet-acushla: Baby, I loved the mug and still do. I love your sense of humor. I put the mug there for you to find, knowing you’ll treasure it as I did. I’m so glad you think of me when you use it. Little things mean a lot.

Much love,


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#18 Hey Mom. Today I Reached 3 Years Without Selfharm. It’s By Far Been The Hardest Year Of My Life With The Isolation, Touch Starvation And Loneliness. But I Pulled Through. I Hope You’re Proud Of Me

never give up on loving yourself and being loyal to yourself! This year has been so intense, but you have a beautiful shining light of hope in your eyes- the hope of new coping skills, awareness and vocabulary surrounding your pain, and most importantly, the hope of trusting in yourself. I'm so very proud of your courage and confidence! Bear hugs!

I am always proud of you, my talented, creative and curious son! Today like all the days I celebrate you and your amazing gifts to the world. I know how hard it can be to express the complex emotions inside you and I am so happy that you have found other outlets. I am so proud to see you work through the challenges you face and I love the person you are. Well done, my lovely one. Well done. Love. Momma

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#19 Hey Mom, I Graduated High School! I Was Expelled, Suspended And Missed Over 200 Hours Because Of Mental Health, But I Still Managed To Do It With Honors!

mamamerry123: Sweetheart, that’s wonderful and you are amazing!!!

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#20 Mom, We Don't Talk Much Anymore, Since I Came Out As Your Daughter.... I Feel Beautiful Tonight Though.... Wish You Could See How Happy I've Become

Poetzach:  I'm proud you were able to find yourself and become the beautiful happy person you were meant to be

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#21 Mom, I’ve Lost 60 Pounds And No One Has Told Me I Look Good. I Think I Look Good

Damn, son, you look good enough to take for a shopping spree, my treat! I’m so glad you’re putting your health first

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#22 Hey, Mom. I Made A Toy, And No One I Live With Likes It. I Hope You Do. His Name Is Storm

Aww sweetheart, it’s beautiful and so intricate. I know you worked hard on it and it isn’t unappreciated. I think it’s great!

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#23 I Made Straight As My First Semester Back At School!

I am so proud of you little duckling!
All the hard work you put in it paid off!

Sending you all the love and (sanitized) hugs!

Now go to the couch and celebrate with some yummy food!

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#24 Hey, Mama. Just A Few Of My Recent Creations. My Real Mom Wasn’t Very Interested So I Thought I’d Show Them Off Here

Hi honey! You are so talented; these are all adorable and so well made! I'm proud of you for finding a creative outlet you enjoy.

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#25 Hi, Mom. I’m Working In An Icu With Covid-19 Patients. I Stand All Day & Don’t Drink Enough Water. I’ve Been Reusing My Mask For A Week. I’m Trying To Stay Positive, But I’m Watching Otherwise Healthy People Deteriorate Quickly. I Know I Am Lucky To Be Working Right Now. I’m Just Tired

IrishiPrincess: As a retired nurse, I am, SO, SO damn proud. It's horrible, back breaking, feet throbbing work. But there is nothing better than this work. May Florence and Clara watch over you. Get some Azo cranberry pills, will help avoid a UTI
You're doing great, buggy! Now try and add electrolytes to your water and get nutrient rich good when you can. After this mess, please spend a few days on you

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#26 Hey Mom, I Finally Am Getting Out Of My Depression And Tapping Back Into My Creativity For Event Design And Planning Again :) Made A Fairytale Sleep Over For My God Daughter’s 10th Birthday, And I’m Super Proud Of How It Turned Out

CaliforniaJade: You are so talented, have you ever thought of offering that professionally? You have one lucky god daughter.

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#27 Hey Mom. Three Years Ago I Survived Cardiac Arrest Caused By Anaphylactic Shock. I Was Lost And Depressed And Alone, And Struggling With The Weight Of My Trauma. Today, I Hit Two Years Clean From Self Harm. I Can Smile Again! I’m Finally Proud Of Myself. It’s Taken A Lot Of Work

j0dhrs: I'm proud of you too ! You are amazingly strong, don't ever forget that ! A great year for you is coming!

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#28 Birth Person Always Said I Couldn't Draw And I Believed Her. Last Year My Therapist Started Asking Me To Draw Stuff And Look At Me Now

asghettimonster: Kiddo, you have a great therapist. And if you keep on keepin on with drawing, you will be a great artist. Never, ever, ever give up, and never, ever, ever rely on one person's judgement of you xo from a granny

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#29 Hi Mom, I’m Losing My Best Friend Today. Please Send Love

Crazhy_Lie: Honey, I'm so sorry and I know how hard it is. Look at all the love for you he has written all over his sweet, beautiful face! You can feel all the love between you in this photo and you are both so lucky to have had each other. He'll still be smiling at you over the rainbow bridge and you can tell he is so grateful to you...just as you are to him

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#30 I Used Every Dollar I Had To Be Able To Move Into My First Apartment. I Don’t Have Any Furniture Nor Money For It, But I Have A Place To Call Mine





Achieving your goal of your own place for the first time is incredible, and worthy of celebration! I'm so proud of you.

Things are just stuff. This is already your home. Enjoy slowly adding items you love to personalize it and make it more comfortable but please don't feel rushed.

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#31 December 13 2021 I Was A Brain Tumor Survivor. December 11 2022 I Became A Marathoner. I Fought For My Life And Pulled Off The Unlikely. I Cried As I Crossed The Finish Line And Reclaimed My Life

This is so great to hear. I just want to give you a big hug. Don’t ever let anything stop you from achieving whatever it is you wish to achieve. You’ve beat every obstacle and every challenge thrown at you so far, the rest is easy. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got a whole beautiful life ahead of you and I have a very good feeling you destined for some pretty great things that I’m looking forward to reading about someday in the future. Congratulations on all your victories to date. And thank you for being such an inspiration!!

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#32 Hi Mom, Just Got Married. Saved You A Seat. I Sent My Bouquet To Be At Your Grave The Next Day, Your Favorite Light Pink Roses. I Hope It Was Just As Beautiful As You Could Have Made It


Congratulations! You look so beautiful and elegant in that dress!

And what a lovely, meaningful way to honor your mom. There's no doubt in my mind that she was sitting in that chair watching the whole time—I'm sure she wouldn't miss it for the world. Glad she still got to be a small part of your big day.

Congratulations again!

Congratulations my dear. I might have not physically been there but I was smiling up from above celebrating you and son in law. You’re beautiful as ever. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. I thank my lucky stars you’re my daughter. I love you with all my heart. Miss you every moment of every day. Infinity and beyond +1

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#33 Hey Mom, I Graduated With My Master’s 2 Weeks Ago And Started My Dream Job! I’m Very Excited

teacamelpyramid: I’m so proud of you for investing in yourself. I hope your job is full of awesome people and you go home most days feeling good about what you’re doing in the world.

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#34 Mom, I Got My Second Covid Shot! My Real Mom Is Antivax And She Won't Care

Congrats! Make sure you drink lots of water and have some Tylenol or Advil on standby. You’re probably going to be feeling very achy tomorrow. That second dose is a real doozy. I’m speaking from experience having received my second dose of Moderna on Monday.
Everytime I see someone get vaccinnated it's a shot of dopamine I desperately need, so thank you for sharing and congratulations! I'm so so grateful that you are protecting yourself and that you will be safe, and so proud of you for doing your part to protect others. I hope your side effect aren't too bad but even if they are, it will be over soon and what a relief it is to know you'll be protected. I'm thrilled for you.

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#35 Finally Pregnant After Infertility Treatment!

Shut up! I am so excited! My baby is having a BABY! I am filled with joy for you, my love. Enjoy every moment of this.

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#36 Hi Mom. My Cancer Journey Is Still Going, But I'm Over The Worst Of It. I Still Need 10 Years Of Hormone Therapy, Putting Me Into Menopause For The Second Time. I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Of 4.5 Years This Weekend. My Hair Is Growing Back And I Am Feeling Comfortable In My New Body. I Miss You

I'm so proud of you kiddo! You've been through so much and you've handled it so well. I'm sorry that your relationship ended but that guy wasn't good enough for you. I'm excited to see all the fancy new hairstyles you get to try as your hair grows out!

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#37 Hey Mama. I Got Up Today For The First Time In A Few Weeks.. I Took A Shower And Brushed Out The Knots In My Hair. I Changed My Clothes And Even Made Myself A Breakfast. Ive Been Clean For 5 Days Now, Thank You

F**K YEAH!! THATS MY GIRL! I’m so proud of you baby, you make me so proud to have such a strong person in my life. I’m so glad that you’re making an effort towards getting your shit together, so many people can’t do that. Keep pushing, it really does get easier. :)

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#38 Hey Mom. I Hadn’t Drawn In Years Because I Didn’t Have A Lot Of Confidence In Myself. But I Have A Beautiful 7 Month Son So I Did This Portrait Of Him, For Him

As your mother, I feel like you need a good talking to. You are letting the voices in your head tell you mean things. Stop it. Your drawing skills eclipse my drawing skills by several orders of magnitude. I do not want to hear you denigrate your ability or talk down about yourself ever again. You hear me, honey? You have worked hard to get to this level, and you need to acknowledge that to yourself. I personally am very proud of your ability and I tell all my friends what a great drawer you are. Now get out that drawing pad and keep drawing. Love you, (signed) Mom.

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#39 Hey Mom, I Finished My Third Huge Color By Numbers Painting! It’s Been Three Days Since I Sent This Pic To You, Two Since You Left Me On Read, But Nevertheless I’m Proud Of My Accomplishment And That It Turned Out So Well!

Ducky this is beautiful. My only question is when i frame it in my house. Should i put it by the front door so i can brag on you to everyone who comes to the house. Or in the kitchen where i will get to see it the most. Because that is beautiful art, And you made it so call the Louvre they have a missing master piece - from your mom- sorry text got lost in the mail

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#40 Look Mom, I Finally Cleaned My Depression Nest

Good job baby girl. It looks very comfortable now. Don't feel bad for letting it get too bad. You were in a dark place... I'm glad you finally got out of.

I love you. Keep your head and relax now

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#41 Hey Mom Meet My Baby! Born This Morning!

Our newest grandbaby is adorable 

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#42 Hey, Mom. I'm Graduating High School Today. I've Survived Mental Illness, Trauma, Self Harm, Getting Kicked Out At 17, A R*pe, A S*icide Attempt And Numerous Heartbreaks During Hs. I May Be Graduating Late But I Honestly Thought I Was Gonna Be A HS Dropout. I Just Want Someone To Be Proud


You have overcome so much (more than anybody ever should) and I am so proud of you!


You are full of so much determination and courage, just carry that with you after high school and use it to accomplish your dreams.
xo mom

Congratulations!! That smile on your face put a smile on my face!! You beat the odds and are starting a new and exciting chapter in life!! I’m so effing proud of you!!

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#43 My Mom Ignored Me When I Showed Her Pictures Of The Baby Boy I'm Currently Pregnant With... Here Mom, Here's Pictures Of Baby Marley!


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#44 Mom, Your Youngest Son Is Engaged. I Wish You Were Around So You Could Meet My Future Wife. I Think We Work Well Together. If Only You Can See How Much I Have Grown Since You Passed. Love, Your Youngest

She is so lovely! I’m over the moon that you’ve found someone to spend the rest of your life with. This is an amazing achievement, and I know how hard it is and how mature you need to be to commit to another person. May your lives be filled with peace.

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#45 Hey Mom, I Earned My Bachelors Degree From Harvard. Wherever You Are, I Hope You Feel At Peace

Hey baby!! I am so proud of you ♥️ So good to see my beautiful girl all grown up and so educated and smart now. I’m watching you every step of the way and I hope you have always felt my love. I love you and I wish I could be at your graduation, and you are everything I’ve ever wanted.

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#46 Mom, I Made My First Garment That I Can Actually Wear! It’s Simple, But I Didn’t Use A Pattern And I’m Really Proud Of Myself For Figuring The Math Out!

You did an amazing job... no pattern, wow! Making a garment without a pattern takes skill and dedication and creativity. And the fabric is so pretty. I hope that each time you wear this, you feel happy.

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#47 Hey Mom, I Wore A Swimsuit For The First Time In Two Years, I’m Slowly Starting To Love My Body

That is amazing! Your body is what carries your soul and it will always be beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ I'm so happy that you are starting to see how valuable and deserving you are to be who you are!

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#48 I Did A Brave And Cut My Dreads Off After Six Years, Shedding The Last Of My Toxic Mother With Them And Celebrating Four Years Nc With Moms Like You, Instead.

You are beautiful! I’m proud of you, and you should be SO proud of yourself!

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#49 Mom, I Picked Up My Wedding Dress Today. My Heart Aches Knowing You Don't Want To Be At My Wedding And Will Never Be A Part Of My Life. I Hate You For Choosing My Abuser Over Me , But I Love You So Much It Hurts

Sweetie you look exquisitely beautiful - I hope that your wedding day is full of light and love and no shadows

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#50 Mom I Bought My First Car. I Am So Proud And I Didn't Take Out A Loan. I Worked So Hard For This

Wow, no loan? That’s incredible, honey! So proud of you!!

Hell thats nicer than my car!!Just dont drive too fast and buckle your seat belt!


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#51 Hey Mom, I Painted My Nails Even Tho You Said Me Doing That Is An Embarrassment Cuz I'm A Guy. I Think I Did A Good Job

Honey bee they look fantastic! Don't give the people who may put you down for that any power over how you feel about them. I'd you like them painted you just keep on painting them I love the color you picked!! Keep up the good work on them.

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#52 Mom, I Remember How Much You Loved My Handmade Things (To The Point Of Demanding Them For Christmas Gifts!), So I Want To Show You My Latest Finished Project: A Tiny Bookshop!

This is amazing!! I am so glad you were able to find the right meds and get back into this. You are incredibly talented❣️ So very proud of you

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#53 Mom, Our Last Christmas Was In 1995 And You Died 2 Weeks Later. I’ve Never Liked Christmas, And Dad Never Put Any Effort Into It. Now That I Have My Own Son, I’m Trying To Give Him The Best Christmas Memories. I Hope You’re Proud Of How Your Girls Turned Out

Very proud of you. Thank you for actively remembering and look at you putting in all this love and effort for your son. One of the most beautiful things in life is the line of tradition passed along, can be aunt to niece, sibling, friend but when we take the time to feel and relive those emotions of comfort, safety and love; it truly makes us feel alive. I’m sure he will remember it fondly as you have remembered.

I can imagine the grief was unbearable but I’m really proud of you for pushing through and living your life the best you can

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#54 My Parents Never Taught Me How To Cook And I Don’t Really Have Parents Anymore So I Wanted To Show Y’all What I Made

Those muffins look amazing sweetie! And the stir fry looks so delicious... I'd just love to dish myself a plate of that! I hope you made more of those paninis, cause I want that one!

I'm so proud of you for learning how to cook for yourself. You're becoming such a capable young woman, you have grown so much in the past few months. I'm so happy that you're with people who nurture you and love you as much as I do sweetheart.

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#55 I Know You Don't Like Make Up, But This Is Really Cool And It Make Me Happy! This Has Been My Quarantine Hobby

You look amazing, love! I’m in awe of your talent and wish you could do my makeup tomorrow. Your hair looks fantastic and you look so healthy and happy

Image credits: amj5617

#56 It's Been A Hard 16 Years Without You, Mom, But Dang Is This Sweatshirt Still Cool. (Jeans A Bit Tight, Though!) I Miss You Everyday, Even Though We've Now Passed The Point Where You've Been Out Of My Life For Longer Than You Were In It

Sending you lots and lots of Love Sugar! XO I never wanted to leave you- the light of my life! I'm always watching over you- and I'm so proud of the strong, amazing woman that you've grown into. It tickles me that you've kept my clothes and wear them! I hope when you do- you feel big, comforting hugs from me! Stay strong! I will always be with you! Love, Mama

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#57 Hey Mom, My Wife Is Getting Hit By Her Seasonal Depression Hard This Year. I Was Just Wondering If You Could Give Your Honest Opinion On Her Embroidery To Cheer Her Up A Bit

Oh Honey, Depression is hard. It is a bunch of lies that feel real and carry a heavy load. You are trudging through a storm and what you can’t see is that beyond the sand in your face and rain and wind and the darkness of the clouds is that sun sun is shining on the other side and will be there when you’re through this. Don’t let those clouds convince you that there is only darkness. It’s a lie to keep you stuck. One foot in front of the other and you will eventually find your way to the other side. Girl, you are an artist! I love the everything about the mushroom lady right down to the snail detail on her head. Please make more art and continue showing the world your awesome creativity and point of view. All these pieces are remarkable. You can see that you put a lot of effort into these. Don’t ever stop. I hope you are being as kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself as you would be with any of us. Take care sweetie. Love, Mom

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#58 Hey Mom, I Don’t Know If You Remember Me From About A Year Ago, But I Did It. I’m A United States Marine Now

cricketbutts: Omg sweetheart I'm so proud of you!!! That's a HUGE achievement. You're amazing! I love you so much. Love, mom xo
That's awesome! You look great. Please stay safe out there! xx

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#59 Hey Mom, I Will Marry My Girlfriend Of 5 Years In October. I Am So Excited!

I wish you all the best! Take care of each other :) You both look so happy together

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#60 Hey Mom! So I’ve Reached A Pretty Big Milestone And Have Now Been Transitioning For Over A Year! I’m So Proud At How Far I’ve Come And I Hope You’re Proud Of Your Daughter

My love you have the most beautiful smile. You look so confident and joyful, I’m so happy that you’ve made it this far on your journey! I hope, the next time you get your nails done, you take a moment to look at your hands. The hands your mother made, hands that carry her blood and her history, hands that she loved and held years ago, and you remember those hands are a part of her. You’ll never really get your nails done with out her, you are forged from her.

Thank you for sharing your absolutely stunning glow up!

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#61 First Day Of Work Since Being Unemployed For 6 Months Or So. I Hope You Are Proud Of Me Mom. I Did Jt

just_ducky_in_NH 176d:
Honey, I am so proud of you! You showed so much perseverance by job-hunting for six months and not giving up. Finding a job in this time of high unemployment is difficult, but you did it! And I am so glad to see you wearing a mask to be safe and to be a good role model for others. You are going to go far in this world, I just know it! xx00, Mama


Good for you! It's so hard to find a job right now, you must have beat out a bunch of applicants for that spot! Retail can be tough, but if you work hard and keep your cool there are opportunities to be had. Your Auntie Nutter believes in you!

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#62 Mom, I Made Pies For The First Time And I'm Really Proud Of Them!


THAT is your first time pie?

Mine looked like it fell out of a horse's ass. An exceptionally tall horse.

Damn, kiddo. You have a natural talent there.

Image credits: FayMammaLlama

#63 Hey Mom, I Made It A Year Clean From Hard Drugs Today!

Hey there kiddo. I'm so, so proud of you. Know that the strength to do what's right for you is always there. Remember it when you don't think you have the strength, or God forbid a relapse, or when tough times, or even good ones worth celebrating, come to you

Image credits: SandwichMiddle4059

#64 Hi Mom, I've Been Chronically Underweight For My Entire Life, Up Until 2 Years Ago I Was Stuck At 130lbs At 6'10". Now After Two Years Of Hard Work And Eating Right, I'm 250 And Happy

justanotherjessi:  I am so, so proud of you! I know that it must have been such a difficult journey, but you did it! You look great, but more importantly, you're healthy. You have accomplished something so amazing and it's definitely worth celebrating! Good job honey. Sending you my love and a big celebratory hug (only if you like hugs, of course.)
Congrats! I'm proud of you! Gaining weight can be a big struggle and you did an amazing job! You look so healthy and you look really happy. :)

Image credits: TheUnfunOwl

#65 Mom, We Found A Dress In The Attic That Fit Caleb Perfectly. This Is His First Time In Drag And He’s Clearly So, So Elated. I Wish You Accepted Us For Who We Are

You're beautiful, and I love seeing so much joy in your eyes. I accept and love you as you are.

Image credits: never-trusttheliving

#66 Hey Mom, It's Been 16 Years Since I Lost You, But I Think I'm Ok Now. I Finally Could Understand The Real Reason Behind Your S*icide And Your Mental Health Issues At The Time. I Going To Make Sure Everyone Understands Why You Did What You Did And What You Were Going Through. Miss You :(


You sweet beautiful child, how much you look like her

May time continue to heal, introduce new and happy experiences and people, and her memory be bright as always.

Your strength and outlook is something I’m in admiration and awe of. Thank you for loving her, knowing she did indeed love you so. I pray life brings you beauty.

Image credits: mildlycalm

#67 My Mother Invoiced Me $116,000

Oh darling. You don't need to pay for maternal love. I saw some of that thread and it seems you have a lovely, supportive wife. That letter must have hurt you lots. Are you ok?

PS I'm really proud of you!

Image credits: OandGTechy

#68 Hi Mom. I Don’t Have Anyone Else To Celebrate With, But I’ve Lost 110.4 Pounds! Thank You For Being Proud Of Me Mom

CallMeClever Clogs: I am so proud of you honey! Oh my goodness. Such hard work you've done to improve your health and happiness - I'm so impressed by your strength to make the decisions each day that got you here!! Well done!

Image credits:

#69 Hi Mom. We're Engaged And Will Get Married Next Year. My Family Doesn't Support Us Out Of Religious Differences. It's Hard On Us Sometimes; Like Today. Mind If I Ask For A Few Words Of Encouragement?

Wow!! I’m so happy & excited for you kids! ❤️ In all relationships, just as RBG’s future MIL told her about marriage, “It helps to be a little deaf”

Enjoy your love. Enjoy your engagement & enjoy each other.

Image credits: Suspicious-Ganache93

#70 Hey Mum! I Just Went To My Doctor And Got The Arm Implant Behind Your Back. I Know You Would Kill Me If You Found Out, But I Want To Share My Excitement With Someone! (Lots Of Long Sleeve Shirts For The Next Few Days)

Way to take responsibility for your body and your sexuality. Nobody owns your body but you! Stay safe dear!
I’m so proud of you for taking care of yourself and doing what’s right for you.

Image credits: m3r3d1th_

#71 I Did It! It Took Me Five Years, A Bunch Of Major Obstacles, And The Absolute Lowest Point Of My Mental Health Ever, But I Stuck With It. I Don't Really Have Anyone To Talk To About It Irl, But I'm Proud Of Myself :)


Congratulations! Fantastic accomplishment! This mama is proud of you!!!!

Image credits: ivycatz

#72 Hey Mum! I Successfully Delivered My 450th Kitten Today. No One Else Knows That Number But I've Kept A List Of Names And Dates Of All Of Them So When I Entered Today's Newbies I Noticed. I'm Emotional I Suppose I Am Actually Good For Something!

Wow, that’s an incredible achievement. You’re such an incredible person to give up your time like that. Those kittens are super adorable too.

Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. You’re wonderful.

Image credits: OrangeBubbly1

#73 Mom, I Wish You Could See How Much Progress I've Made As A Person. I Wish You Were Still Here. Maybe Dad Wouldn't Have Such A Problem With It, If You Were Able To Talk To Him. I Miss You And Love You!

I see a light in your eyes in the second picture that isn't present in the first. That tells me all i need to know.

Image credits: ThatAndromedaGal

#74 Mom I Did It! I Won A Scholarship, Im On My Way To Become A Welder!



Now, take your safety seriously. Never EVER use eye protection that has even the smallest scratch on it. If you live where it gets cold a Carhart jumper will help keep most of your body warm while allowing your arms to move if you have to work in the cold.

Welding is a great career.

Image credits: KindaDone03

#75 Hey Mom I Got Promoted To Optician From Being A Cashier. This Is My First Day. I Had So Much Fun Today. I Am So Happy. The Future Is Going To Be So Wonderful

Oh thats wonderful!! You have shown that you are trustworthy, hardworking, and responsible. I am very proud of you. What a great start to 2021, you got this girl!!

Image credits: AlisonAngel9

#76 Hey Moms! I Finally Got The Courage To Go Out Femmed Up! Feels Like A Big First Step

I LOVE those pants. They create such a graceful silhouette. And you look lovely. Happiness is the best makeup ever.

Image credits: Araablast

#77 Hi Mom, Dad Died On Monday. I Haven't Been Able To Contact You Since You Got Deported, I Hope You're Okay. I Put You In The Obituary As "Significant Other". I Know You Guys Broke Up, But You Were Significant To Him. Love You

Oh baby... I'm so sorry. I'm thinking of you and I know it doesn't help right now and I know you wish someone would just wrap you in a big mum hug and I promise I wish I could wrap you in that big mum hug and make it all feel better for a little bit

Image credits: osotoes

#78 My Mom Once Told Me That I Wouldn’t Become An Actor Because It Wasn’t A Practical Thing To Do. Today I Wrapped My First Week On A Real TV Show

So proud of you honey! Good for you!!! You are doing great things!

Image credits: golde62

#79 I Finally Did It Mom! I Probably Won't Again, But I Had To At Least Once! I Know You Would Never Approve, So You Probably Won't Ever See This

I love it!! You are so brave and so beautiful. I wish I had your fearlessness. Rock that gorgeous bald head as long as you want!

Image credits: crazycatladymom

#80 Mom Is The Prom Dress I Choose Really That Bad? My Boyfriend Hates It And I’m Starting To Think He’s Right. I Spent A Lot Of Money And I’m Starting To Regret It

You know what doesn't fit well? A boyfriend who makes you feel insecure about your choices. That dress is lovely, fits beautiful, and suits your skin tone. What's not to love?! You look like a fairy princess and you should feel like one!!

Image credits: fluffybabycow

#81 Hey, Mom! My Lab Coat Came In For My First Round Of Clinicals, Hopefully The First In A Line Of Many Leading Up To Neurosurgeon!

OMG! Yeeesssss! You've worked so hard for this, you deserve it! And boy, does that white coat looks great on you!

Image credits: SugarThisIsGospel

#82 Just Want To Update You, Ma. We're Planning A Wedding, It's Not As Stressful As People Told Me. We Both Had Fun With Disagreements Which Is Fine. I Wish You're Here, I Could Use Some Warm Hugs. Isn't He Great? Do You Like My Dress? I'm Wearing Our Traditional Attire. I Miss You So Much

You look absolutely beautiful. I am so happy that you have found someone to share life with

Image credits: disdose

#83 I Got Married, Mom. I Wish You Were Okay With Us Needing To Downsize So You Could've Been There. You Could Have Seen How Happy We Were, Even Though It Wasn't Exactly What We Envisioned Either

You look stunning! I love they way your bouquet really makes your hair pop! You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I'm glad you've finally found it

Image credits: taken-username96

#84 Mom, I Did It. I’m First Generation, Graduated Magna Cum Laude With A Bachelors Of Art Therapy And Community Arts Cert. I Won My Schools Faculty Award For Most Outstanding Achievements In The Art Therapy Department

Oh my gosh congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment—I'm so proud of you! And what an amazing and important field to be in! This world definitely needs more art and beauty in it, and it makes me so happy to think about all of the people you're going to be able to help with your talent, passion, and hard work. I hope you take some time to celebrate, even if it's just something small, because there's no doubt in my mind you earned it!

It sounds like college was tough, but this is just the first step into the rest of your life, and you'll find your people—I just know it. The nice part about studying something so specific and personal is that soon you're likely to be surrounded by a bunch of people with the same interests and passions as you as you start your career, and I know you'll make some amazing friends along the way. I can feel your shine from your photo, and this world is lucky to have you in it! We're all here cheering for you and rooting you on, and there's no doubt in my mind there are even more great things to come! Congratulations again—you deserve it!

Image credits: livimae

#85 Mom, It’s Officially Your Birthday. This Isn’t How I Wanted To Celebrate You This Year. I Hope Heaven Is Throwing You A Kick Ass Party Today. I Miss You So Painfully Everyday. I Love You, Mommy Salami. Happy Birthday

I am so, so incredibly sorry. Words don’t work and nothing we say will soothe your soul like we want it to. She loved you immeasurably, that’s evident in both your faces and smiles. She is still with you, and I don’t just mean her earthly remains, either. She will always be with you; she is beautiful and you look so much like her. She wants you to be happy and find your way thru life with her happiness of spirit, and the unbounded love you have for each other. Talk to her, she is listening. Honor her. Be a kind and gentle person but stand up for what’s right. She was a strong woman, this I can tell as well—and she has imparted this into you whether you know it yet or not. Be well and Godspeed to you, sweetie. If you ever need to vent, cry, or just talk, please inbox me; (I’m a mom too of daughters about your age), so I truly understand. Peace and Love to you!...

From: A mom.

Image credits: allyfoshizzle

#86 Mums I Got My Wedding Ring Today

What a beautiful ring! All the best to you and your partner!!!

Image credits: marvin_the_marfan

#87 Crossdresser, And Will Be Presenting Female Out In Public For The First Time!! Could Use Some Words Of Encouragement So I Don’t Chicken Out. Ps Will Be Shaving, Didn’t Have Time Before Trying Dress On

You look incredible! You rock that dress and look absolutely beautiful. Your inner you shines through and you look happy. I hope you get to enjoy that happiness and have a wonderful night dear!

Image credits: Sophiacd11

#88 Hey Mom. I Don't Remember You. You Realized You Were In Too Deep, And I'd Be Better Off With Another Family. You Were So Strong To Make That Choice For Us. I Still Have Bunny, Though. Maybe You'll See This, And You'll Recognize Us. I Don't Get Sappy Often, But Sometimes I Wish I Had More Answers

Oh baby. I am forever sorry. I wanted more for you and me but I didn’t have it to give. So I made the best decision for you. I couldn’t think about me. I had to think of you. And I love that you have your bunny. It makes my heart hurt with love.

I remember you every birthday. Every time the sky is blue and has big white fluffy clouds and smells right, I think of the day you were born. When I see people your age, I wonder what you’re doing. When other people talk of their children, you are in my heart. It hurts but that’s how I know I’m alive and that I love you. I wonder so many things. But one thing I do not wonder - that I made the choice that was best for you.

I am a birth mother. My son turned 30 in September. I haven’t seen him since he was 4 weeks old. I cried when I read your post. Because I’ve always wondered. But don’t think that your mother doesn’t still love you. Ryan lives in my heart. You live in hers. I believe that. I hope you do, too. All my love to you.

Image credits: Kaney_Kitty

#89 I Get To Give My Daughter The Freedom To Be Happy That I Never Got. Thanks, Mom, For Teaching Me Not To Be Jealous Of Her Youth And Beauty. Isn't She Lovely?

I love her shoes , I love her dress, I love that huge smile. She is so pretty!!!! Happy holidays to you and your family!

She outshines the Christmas tree. That dress is stunning. Proud of you for for breaking the cycle!


Image credits: Doctor_Super_Powers

#90 I Got Married Mom! It Rained And We Had To Have It In A Garage With 4/9 People Invited Dropping Out. Our Neighbor Set Up The Back Drop And Took Our Wedding Photos. I Love This One The Best

All bright love and deep joy to both of you, my dearest!!

Image credits: kidacakes

#91 Mom, I Started Watercolouring And I Think I May Have Found My Calling! My Real Mom Was Unimpressed Though

Their expressions are so cute. Great job, I can't wait to see what you make next

Image credits: warkifiedchocobo

#92 Hey Mom, It’s My First Birthday Without You Calling Me And Singing “Happy Birthday” But They Decorated My Office To Surprise Me This Morning

So super proud of you! Happy birthday honey, you are the best! 

Image credits: flexible_wink

#93 1st Day Selfie!! After A Month Of Interviews, Assessments, Crying And Tests I Finally Got That Really Big Job I’ve Been Working Towards. My Bio Mom Might Not Be, But I’m Pretty Proud Of Myself

Congratulations! Your hard work paid off. I'm so proud of you and you look happy! I hope you're first day is wonderful.

Congratulations!! I'm so proud of you, I knew all of your hard work would pay off!! You're going to do great! Love your outfit by the way

Image credits: perpetual_hunger

#94 Hey Mom I Got A Perfect 100 On My History Essay Which Was 30% Of My Final Grade (I’m In High School)

I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work kiddo! 

Image credits: ramenisloveramenisme

#95 I’m Going To Prom!

Omg that dress! And it fits you perfectly. Well done.

Have fun at Prom sweetheart! 

Image credits: Sarcastic-Baby

#96 Hi, Mom. I Got Engaged! Wish You Were Here

Oh, sweetheart, congratulations!!! I'm so incredibly happy for you! I'll be right here with you, every step of the way.

Image credits: Hasidic_Hat

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