Milwaukee Screwdriver Bit Set & Packout Organizer Deal is Back! (Early Black Friday 2021)

Milwaukee 48-32-4082 Shockwave Screwdriver Bit Set and Packout Organizer Bundle Deal

Over at Home Depot, this Milwaukee 100pc Shockwave bit set and Packout organizer combo just went on sale.

It’s regularly priced at $100 and is on sale as part of Home Depot’s early Black Friday promo for $50.

How is this set different from all of the other impact screwdriver bit set deals that you’ll see this month and next? Simply put, this set has a lot of 2-inch power bits. Yes, it still comes with 1-inch insert bits, but it includes a very good assortment of the longer power bits that are often scarce in holiday season accessory deals. Oh, and let’s not forget about the slim Packout-compatible organizer.

So, that’s two distinctions going for it. This is a good deal for anyone that i) wants and can use the Packout organizer, and ii) wants an assortment with better 2-inch power bit selection than most other impact-rated screwdriver bit assortments on the market.

Sale Price: $50
Regular Price: $100

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Aaron S commented about this promo in another deal post:

I think I recall this being a quietly good pack out deal from last year.

Thank you for the heads-up! YES, this was a great deal last year! That was the first (and only) time I’ve seen this bundle go on sale for so low, and I’m both surprised and really glad the 50% promo returned!

I bought this set last year and it was worth every penny.

Following is the math I did last year when I analyzed the deal, and I believe it still holds up; I think this is an excellent deal.

The Packout organizer typically sells for $25. The 100pc bit set assortment comes with (34) 2-inch bits. Since a 5-pack of these bits typically sells for ~$6 at retail, you’re getting nearly $41 in 2-inch screwdriver bits. That’s just 34 out of the 100 pieces you get.

After I bought this set last year, I reused the organizer for something else, moved the hex bits to my workshop for use with a manual screwdriver handle, and I’ve been using the screwdriver bits and nutdrivers for various fastening tasks. I also used some of the bits to restock my task-specific organizers.

I know that some of you might mind that this set doesn’t come with much organization. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other deals to discuss.

Here’s a full list of the sizes and styles that you get:

Milwaukee 48-32-4082 Shockwave Screwdriver Bit Set and Packout Organizer Bundle Deal Contents

This seems like a decent deal for just the Milwaukee Shockwave screwdriver bits, but I also want the slim Packout organizer, which I use for small parts and as tool cases.

While the set doesn’t really have bit-optimized storage accessories, I actually prefer this, as it comes with standard Packout organizer cups instead.

I am definitely buying another set. Scratch that, I just ordered another set. I was going to wait until I added a few more items to my online shopping cart, but I don’t want to risk forgetting about it or missing out. Since Home Depot has free shipping on this item, there was no reason for me to wait.

Price: $49.99 with free shipping

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At this time, it looks like this is a Home Depot exclusive promo.

Lastly, in case anyone is wondering, yes – these are perfectly suitable for use with non-impact tools, such as conventional cordless drills and screwdrivers.

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