MathLink Builders


MathLink Builders

This Learning Resources STEM activity includes 100 match cubes and 10 building puzzles. I don't know if these cubes are compatible with other math manipulatives, but they are with other math Learning Resources products.

The cubes come in 10 different colors, ten of each color, and measure 3/4" square. Each cube has a hole on five sides and a protrusion on one side for snapping. They are not hard to snap together, but they do take a little strength. 

The instruction sheet in the image above includes the puzzle cards. The paper is long and folded accordion-style. The first 4 puzzles are just copying the model, and the last 6 puzzles require some problem-solving and spatial skills. The puzzles are printed back to back and measure 6" x 4". You could cut them apart and laminate them for longer use. Below is puzzle 2.

Below is puzzle 10.

In the box: 100 cubes, 10 puzzles

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