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Maplesoft Maple

Maplesoft Maple – brings you even more, even stronger mathematical capabilities, from enhancements to the core routines you use every day, to specialized tools that open up new areas of research. In addition, there are advances to the Maple programming language, more education tools, new visualizations, and lots more!

Maple 2020 offers a vast collection of enhancements for both long-time customers and those who are using Maple for the very first time. In addition to an even more powerful math engine, Maple 2020 also delivers new and improved tools for interactive problem solving, application development, student learning, document creation, programming, and more.

As well as being an interesting topic in itself, graph theory also has applications in science, engineering, linguistics, sociology, computer science, and more, and Maple 2020’s extensive graph theory package gives you the tools you need to solve those problems.

• Analyze, explore, visualize, and solve engineering math and computation problems
• Extensive code generation capabilities
• Combined numeric and symbolic computations
• Automatically addresses engineering units
• Advanced analysis tools for mathematically deriving the equations and rigorously developing the concept
• Find solutions to new classes of partial differential equations with boundary conditions
• Whether you are writing two lines or two thousand, significant enhancements to Maple’s code editor makes writing and debugging Maple code much easier
• Encrypt procedures to hide their definitions from prying eyes while still making them available for use
• Use Maple to interpolate and visualize data from even completely unstructured data sources

What’s New
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Title Release: Maplesoft.Maple.2021.1
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows
Download: XDNHV
Maplesoft Maple 2021.1 (1.9 GB)

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