LETTER: Regular golfers being unfairly targeted by Saanich

I have been a member of Cedar Hill Golf Club almost 10 years. In that time I have spent approximately $18,000 for annual passes and as much, if not more, in the clubhouse for lunches and beverages.

I am a member of a group of golfers that Saanich is concerned about. They believe that as I play close to 100 rounds per year, my average cost per round is close to $22. This math is correct. They do not take into account the equal or more dollars spent in the clubhouse.

As such, they want to end the club agreement and only have green fee players, who pay $51 per round. This is my recreational centre by choice and I think the Saanich taxpayers should be aware of some numbers.

In October of 2019 we were at the Saanich council meeting to query the significant raise to our annual pass that Saanich was proposing. During our questioning, some interesting information came to light. After Mayor Fred Haynes praised Saanich for being a leading municipality in regards to personal health and wellness with its Commonwealth, Gordon Head and Cedar Hill recreation centres, we discovered the cost recovery for these facilities was at the 61 per cent rate. This means the taxpayer is subsidizing at a 39 per cent rate.

When asked how Cedar Hill Golf Course rated, we were told we were at 79 per cent cost recovery with a 21 per cent shortfall covered by taxpayers.

I feel like I am being penalized because my form of recreation is golf. The camaraderie and friendship benefits of any club should not be overlooked. Should people going to the pools or gyms 200 days a year be penalized? If so, I am fairly certain there would be a huge uproar.

Wayne Messer


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