How Do You Find Work Camping Jobs For Couples?

Are There Any Work Camping Jobs For Couples?

How do you find work camping jobs for couples? It’s not difficult. In fact, work camping is a great way to earn money for both partners as you full-time RV and see this beautiful country.

These jobs are not difficult to find or get hired for. Generally, you don’t need to worry about your skills because even in your first position, you can learn on the job.

Places that look for seasonal help understand that there are often two people that need to be employed, so couples are welcome. The employer gets two people to hire and only has to tie up one RV site. The ads will generally specify if the employer will hire single individuals.

As you work, you will gather the skills that you need to be indispensable to the work camping world. Soft skills such as showing up on time, arriving and leaving on the agreed-upon dates, and having a great attitude go a long way toward making you a sought-after work camping couple.

What is a work camper?

A work camper is someone who takes a seasonal position filling in the workforce at a resort, park, or campground during the busy summer or winter season. They usually live in their RV and are provided a site with hookups for the time they are working.

You might want to consider your physical abilities for your work camper job. At a traditional campground or RV resort, usually one of the pair will work outside cleaning sites and performing minor maintenance work. The other half will work in the office greeting customers, taking reservations, and providing general office-type work. Just be aware of the tasks your work camping job will require.

We were between RVs last summer but still found campground positions and were provided an apartment for the season.

guy on mower in campground
Mowing will likely be a part of your campground work camper position.

Types of work camping jobs for couples

Work camping jobs can include taking reservations, working in a retail shop or restaurant, escorting guests, cleaning sites, cleaning bathrooms, and much more.

As work campers, my husband and I have done all of the above, along with putting up high-end Christmas decorations, working maintenance and shuttle for a fishing and rafting resort, providing kitchen assistance in an activities department for a 55-plus resort, and helping with a new campground and camp store.

Work camping jobs can also include being an Amazon warehouse worker, a campground host, a beet harvest worker, or even a gate guard in the Texas oil fields.

commercial kitchen with workers
Work camper couples might also choose a job working in a kitchen.

What do work camping jobs pay?

Work camping jobs can pay well, depending on your situation. During a busy summer season, you will likely get $15-$20 per hour, as well as your full hookup site for free.

Many of them require that you work up to 40 hours per week, but some are flexible on that point. Arrival and departure dates are important when you work a seasonal job, so make sure you are available for the time that is required. Unless you have a solid reason, leaving early will make it more difficult to obtain work for another season.

Be aware that some jobs will pay for all your hours worked, and others will be considered “volunteer” and only provide a site with a certain number of hours worked. If you are retired and don’t need an income, these volunteer jobs are perfect. You get first dibs at a site, you don’t have to work a lot of hours (20 is typical), and can spend time exploring a specific area.

Work campers can also work a certain number of hours for their site and then get any other hours paid outright. Some campgrounds only require you to work your site hours, while others do have money to pay for more.

RV in campsite surrounded by palm trees
A nice site with full hookups is a great perk for a work-camping couple.

Pay close attention to your pay

If you are working for your site, do this little formula to calculate how much you are receiving based on the worth of your site. Take the number of hours you are required to work and divide that by the site’s monthly rate to get an hourly rate you would be paid instead of working for your site.

Some campgrounds pay for all hours worked, provide your site for free, and provide other amenities such as electricity, free laundry, and more. The actual payment can be minimum wage and up. Do your homework, as some states’ minimum wage is much better than others.

I’ve also heard of campgrounds paying work campers but also requiring them to pay for their site. This is different from getting a “free” site. Once they pay you, then take out all required taxes, are you then using that entire paycheck (and more) to pay for your site? Do the math to make sure you are getting everything you need from the position.

Pay raises during the season and bonuses aren’t unheard of in the work camping world. Some owners/managers pay bonuses to couples who stay until the end of the season. Some offer a bonus should you choose to come back for another season.

When should I begin looking for a work camping job?

You need to begin seeking employment several months in advance. At this time, campgrounds are having difficulty finding people to work, so the demand is high and the pay is good. They are pulling out all the stops to recruit workers.

Even if you haven’t started yet, there always seems to be ads for places that are still looking for workers even a few weeks or months into the season. If a couple leaves early, for example, they will need to fill those positions.

orange gate guard sign
Gate guarding at the oil fields in Texas is a lucrative job. Couples have to divide the work with 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

Resources for work camping jobs for couples

Workamper News

Workamper News is one of the best and most popular places to find work camping positions. This organization requires a membership to get the most up-to-date job listings, but it is worth the $20 per year you will pay. You will have to pay more for some of their online tools. Check out the site for more information. You can search for volunteer positions here.

Cool Works

Cool Works has job listings all around the US, as well as work-from-home jobs and more. There is no cost to pursue jobs in a state or area of your choosing. The website also has positions to apply for if you don’t have an RV and require housing. Go to the website to get started.

Workers on Wheels

Workers on Wheels lists jobs available throughout the US. Various positions are posted regularly including paid employment, work-for-site jobs, and volunteer positions.

camp store with red floor
We enjoyed stocking a campstore from the ground up.

Amazon Work Camping

While Amazon no longer has its Amazon CamperForce, you can still apply for seasonal positions at one of the many Amazon fulfillment centers across the country.

Peak season, which includes the holidays, typically runs from September to Christmas. There is also a post-holiday season from after Christmas until March.

Working at Amazon is a great way to make money during your RV travels. Just be aware that because of the physical aspect of the job, it might not be suitable for everyone.

State and National Parks

Although many of the state and national parks positions are volunteer, there are still some that pay a wage, and of course, RVing couples are a great resource for them. You could take tickets at a park entrance or be a campground host who greets visitors, maintains sites, and assists with other job duties.

Campground hosts might also answer questions about local attractions, activities, and trails, or local services such as gas stations, stores, or medical facilities. They might even refer visitors to forestry officials or other park administrators.

Go to this link to find parks by state:

National parks also have campground host volunteer positions available. You can start your search by visiting

camp host in khaki reading site ticket
Working in a state or national park can be a volunteer position.

CamperGigs is a relatively new but great way to find all sorts of jobs that you can do while taking your RV all over the US. The website and app are created by RVers for RVers.

All you need to do is sign up. Subscriptions are $29.99 per year. The website and app use a map-searchable interface to connect travelers with opportunities.

You can find jobs such as helping with the beet harvest in Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, or Minnesota. Jobs with private campgrounds, camp hosting positions, and much more are posted regularly.

woman sticking head out of a tree, image for work camping jobs for couples
Putting up high-end Christmas lights was hard work but a lot of fun.

Find your next seasonal position

Finding work camping jobs for couples isn’t difficult. No matter how long you have been work camping, it’s always exciting to go somewhere new. Make sure you take time to see sites and explore areas that you have never visited.

Just keep in mind a few things when you look for your next seasonal position. Make sure you are getting what you want from the pay and amenities.

Don’t worry so much about your skills in the beginning. Most tasks are easy to learn, and employers expect there will be some on-the-job training involved.

Have fun, and build your work camping resume, even if the situation isn’t all that you want. The season will go by fast, and you can hone in on your work preferences for the next assignment.

Get tips from other RVers

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