Heather Locklear – Seven Decades of Celebrity

For five decades, Heather Locklear has been astounding us with her acting skills and beauty. But there’s far more to this gorgeous gal than just a pretty face and the ability to read lines. Here’s why she makes our shortlist for being a true prime woman and an all-around good human. 

Depending on which decade was your television show binge decade of choice, there’s no doubt you have seen Heather Locklear on your screen. For me, I remember her as the sassy Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place (she was in nearly 200 episodes as the girl we love to hate but was always labeled as a “Special Guest Star”), but those just a little bit older than I am may have spied her on Dynasty or even T.J. Hooker. This show gave positive empowerment and professionalism to women police officers even off the screen when she refused to wear a padded bra and underwear to make her curvier while filming the show. 

But no matter which character of hers is your favorite, her style, look, and all-around-nice-person attitude have made her a name in Hollywood for all of these years. Here’s a peek at the Heather Deen Locklear we know and love and what she’s up to know. 

School Life

Ms. Locklear is a native of Los Angeles and went to UCLA for college. With a mother that was a production executive and a father that was a UCLA administrator, it’s easy to see why she attended the college she did and ended up in showbiz like her mama. 

Wife of a Rock Star – Twice

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It’s very appealing to think that being married to a rock star is the stuff of dreams, but for Heather, it didn’t end up so well x2. First, her marriage to the ever-in-the-headlines Tommy Lee (I completely forgot about this because his marriage to Playmate of the Year, Pamela Anderson, is so widely known) from 1986 through 1993 was ended due to alleged infidelity on Lee’s part. 

But it wasn’t long until Ms. Locklear gave the whole rocker wife role another go. At the end of 1994, she married Bon Jovi guitarist and all-around handsome guy Richie Sambora. In 1997, she gave birth to her daughter Ava, and all looked great on the homefront. Sadly, in 2006 and at the age of 45, the claim of irreconcilable differences was the reason for her divorce from Sambora. 

Again with the good ‘ol college try, she got engaged to Jack Wagner from Melrose Place (remember his 1980s song, “All I Need”? I still dig that one.) in 2011 but never made it down the aisle. 

Okay, now that we’ve taken a “This Is Your Life in Love” trip, let’s get into what she’s doing these days. 

Famous Roles

Heather has played dozens of roles, but her most notable is definitely the aforementioned Melrose Place and T.J. Hooker. But, if you delve into 80’s and 90’s t.v., you probably have seen her on popular shows, including:

  • CHiPs – played a teenager in the episode called “Satan’s Angels.”
  • Fantasy Island – she was cast as Lorraine Wentworth in “Thank god, I’m a Country Girl.”
  • The Love Boat – “Youth Takes a Holiday/Don’t Leave Home Without It/Prisoner of Love” as Patti Samuels
  • Spin City – She filmed 71 episodes as Caitlin Moore

And if you really want a deep dig from the 2000s, she was in everything from Ally McBeal to Scrubs to Hannah Montana to Boston Legal. 

60 and Still Gorgeous


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Quickly do the math, and you’ll come to the fact that Heather Locklear is sixty-one years young. When she turned 60 in 2021, she was interviewed by People Magazine and quoted as saying, “I’ve always loved getting older because it means I’m alive,” she said. “I’m so grateful. I don’t really give a hoot. I don’t give a hoot about how I look. My parents still love me. My daughter loves me.” I can totally get on board with that statement. 

Also in the same year, and after taking several years off to get herself in a better place both mentally and physically (she had some pretty big issues with drugs and alcohol and suffered from anxiety and depression), she opened the acting floodgates. She starred in “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story,” a movie made for Lifetime. 

If you’re wondering what she’s up to this year, all you have to do is pop onto her Instagram page. It’s there you’ll find photos of her daughter, Ava (a mini-me, if you want my personal opinion), adorable pics of her furry baby, Mister, and a ton of both candid and glam shots of her living her best life or getting ready for an interview or photo shoot. 

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