Halloween Piñata Filler Ideas That are Non-Candy

There are so many fun ideas to add to your Halloween Piñata that are non-candy. You can choose from stamps and stickers to glow in the dark squeeze toys and Halloween fidget toys. This collection of Halloween Piñata Filler ideas will be a bit hit at your Halloween Party.

PLUS they are perfect for Halloween Party Favors, Truck or Treat or even Candy Alternatives for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters.

Halloween Pinata Filler Ideas Other Than Candy

10 Things to Put in a Piñata That are Not Candy

Halloween Piñata Filler Ideas Other Than Candy

One of the challenges with Halloween is the volume of candy your child ends up coming home with from school and parties and just about anywhere they go during October. If you’re looking you can find many treats that are Halloween Piñata filler ideas other than candy.

Here’s a quick overview of the types of items we’d suggest for your Halloween Piñata.

Halloween Piñata Fillers

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Halloween Sensory Pop Fidgets

One recent item that seems to be making it’s way everywhere are these pop fidgets. I couldn’t resist adding these Halloween themed Sensory Pop Fidgets to our list of fillers.

Halloween Sensory Pop Fidget Packs

Halloween Fidget Toys Set

Mini Halloween Pop Fidget Toys

4 Pack Halloween Pop Fidget Toys Packs for Kids

Halloween Squeeze Toys

The next one that are a hit with my kids are squeeze toys. They can be used for pretend play but also work as a sensory toy for your child this Halloween, especially when the spooks may be too much for them. There are quite a few Halloween themed squeeze toys to choose from.

There are even some that come Prefilled Pumpkin Box, I’m considering saving those for little Halloween Treats Bags we share with our neighborhood kids.

Halloween Mochi Squishy Toys Squishies

Halloween Mochi Squeeze Toys for Kids Party

Halloween Cauldron with 24 Pcs Squeeze Fidget Toys

Prefilled Pumpkin Box with Halloween

Halloween Stamps

This item that stands out as a big win are Halloween stamps that the kids can use them in so many ways. You can use them for storytelling or patterning or to track on a reward chat. I like that they are self inking to help keep the mess down.

Self Inking Stamps for Halloween

Halloween Assorted Stamps Kids Self-Ink Stamps

Halloween Bouncy Balls

Add a little movement to your Halloween Pinata fun with these Halloween Bouncy Balls. They’d be perfect for one of our Ball Games for Kids if you’re having friends over for Halloween.

Glow in Dark Bouncy Balls

Mixed Halloween Bouncy Balls

Halloween Toys That Move

Little ones get so excited at toys that they can make move again and again. These Halloween toys pop and walk and add tons of fun to your Halloween celebration.

Halloween Jumping Popper Toys Spring Launchers

Halloween Wind Up Toy Assortment

Halloween Stickers

A childhood favorite… STICKERS! These kits are hands on fun for your child as the create their own pumpkins and Halloween characters.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft Stickers

Make Your Own Halloween Stickers

Halloween Toys for Trick or Treators

You’ll want to grab a few Halloween Toy classics to add to your Halloween Pinata. You can even use them after the day for math games and more. These are perfect Halloween Game Prizes too!

Halloween Punch Balloons

Halloween Skeleton toys for Kids

Halloween Spider Ring Skull Bat Ring Spider Party Favors

Halloween Game Toy Gifts

Halloween Erasers and Pencils

There’s something special about a shaped eraser that makes them a treasure to keep. These Halloween erasers and Halloween pencils will be a hit for your Halloween story writing fun.

Halloween Themed Pencils and Eraser Toppers

Halloween Icon 3D Erasers

Halloween Finger Puppets

Too cute for words, these Halloween Finger puppets will bring to life your Halloween Books as you retell stories with your child.

Halloween Finger Puppets

Felt Halloween Finger Puppets

Glow in the Dark Halloween Party Favors

The night becomes spooktacular for Halloween when you add glow in the dark Halloween Piñata fillers. It’s hard to choose which one to buy for your Piñata.

Halloween Stress Relief Toys for Kids Squeeze Squishy with LED Glow

Glow in the Dark Halloween Stress Balls Squishy Toys 

Glow Critters For Halloween Party Favor

Glow in The Dark Bug Toys 

What to put in a Halloween Piñata?

One of the hardest things about deciding what to put in a Halloween Piñata is limiting yourself. There are quite a few options out there when it comes to Halloween Party Favors. My biggest tip is to avoid candy since you’ll be already getting plenty for Halloween.

Try to extend the Piñata items with ones that a child is able to play with more than just once. Think of Halloween toys that will build on their creative skills or fine motor skills as they celebrate Halloween.

Need more ideas for Piñata fillings? Check out our 10 Things to Put in a children’s Piñata that are NOT Candy!

10 things to put in a pinata that are not candy

Halloween Piñatas

You may be working on making your own Piñata, which is awesome. There are several traditional shapes of Halloween to choose from to make (OR BUY) a Piñata.

  • Pumpkins
  • Ghosts
  • Bats
  • Candy Corn
  • Monsters
  • Witches

Which Halloween Piñata Shape is your favorite?

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Halloween Pinata Filler Ideas Other Than Candy

Halloween Activities for Kids

Along with a Piñata I have a feeling that you’re going to be playing Halloween Party Games, watching a Halloween Movie or making Halloween Party Recipes for extra spooky fun for the kids.

You’ll find these options below helpful while planning your next Halloween Party.

40+ Best Halloween Party Games for Kids
31 Halloween Movies for Kids
Witch Themed Party Food Ideas for Kids for Halloween

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