Google Pixel Pass: Which phones are included and how much does it cost?

When Google introduced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it also announced a subscription bundle called Pixel Pass. It's probably the easiest way to finance the latest Pixel phone and get access to an entire suite of premium services and features all for a flat monthly fee.

What is Google Pixel Pass?

Google described Pixel Pass as a "new way to own a phone". Starting at $45, you can get the latest Pixel phone with upgrades every two years. Pixel Pass includes other perks, too, such as extra storage, ad-free YouTube, and what Google calls "Preferred Care". It guarantees phone repairs, replacements, and more. The idea is, with Pixel Pass, you can finance your phone via Google Store and get Google services and features all for one monthly price.

Where is Google Pixel Pass available?

At launch, Pixel Pass is available to US customers.

What does Google Pixel Pass include?

Once you’re approved for Pixel Pass (subject to credit approval via Synchrony Bank), your Pixel phone will be financed at 0 per cent APR for 24 months, and the Google services and features included in Pixel Pass will be charged to your Google Store Financing account every month.


Pixel Pass includes the following services (as of October 2021):

  1. Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro: Include the option to upgrade to a new Pixel after two years.
    • Pixel Pass starts at $45 per month for the Pixel 6.
    • Pixel Pass goes up to $55 per month for the Pixel 6 Pro.
  2. Preferred Care: Screen repairs, replacements, and accidental damage coverage.
    • Without Pixel Pass, a Pixel 6 with Preferred Care would cost $7 per month.
    • Without Pixel Pass, a Pixel 6 Pro with Preferred Care would cost $9 per month.
  3. Google One: 200GB of cloud storage and automatic phone backups.
    • Google One normally starts at 100GB for $2 a month and goes up to 2TB for $10 a month
  4. YouTube Premium: Ad-free YouTube videos
    • YouTube Premium normally costs $11.99 per month.
  5. YouTube Music Premium: Nonstop music streaming
    • YouTube Music Premium is normally included in YouTube Premium.
  6. Google Play Pass: Hundreds of apps and games without ads or in-app purchases.
    • Google Play Pass normally costs $4.99 per month


Pixel Pass also includes the following offers (as of October 2021):

How much does Google Pixel Pass cost?

Pixel phones with Pixel Pass arrive unlocked, which means they'll work on all major carriers. You can use your new Pixel with your current rate plan, too. Just keep in mind that your carrier plan isn't factored into the pricing tiers below, so you'll need to make a note of that additional cost.

Pixel Pass consists of two different plans (as of October 2021):

  • Pixel Pass with Pixel 6: From $45 per month (save up to $176 over two years)
  • Pixel Pass with Pixel 6 Pro: From $55 per month (save up to $294 over two years)

Can you trade a phone to lower your Pixel Pass bill?

Yes. During the checkout process, Google offers a way to trade in an eligible device and take money off your monthly Pixel Pass payments. When subscribing to Pixel Pass, select “Start trade-in” and follow the on-screen instructions. Google will send you a kit with a prepaid envelope so you can send in your old phone.

Is there a credit check to get Pixel Pass?

Yes. A subscription to Pixel Pass is subject to credit approval. To subscribe, you must have an active Google Store Financing account issued and serviced by Synchrony Bank. If you don’t have Google Store Financing account, you can apply for one when signing up for Pixel Pass. Just follow the on-screen prompts.

How to manage your Pixel Pass subscription

Sign up

Where can I manage my Pixel Pass subscription?"

View, manage, or cancel

You can view, manage, or cancel your Pixel Pass subscription on your Google Store account.

Make payments or check balance

To make payments or to check your balance for Google Store Financing, visit Synchrony Bank at or call 866-794-8802.

Is Pixel Pass worth it?

Well, do the math. By paying for Pixel Pass as a subscription, Google said you could save up to $294 over the course of two years, Google notes. And if you purchase through Google Fi, you’ll also save an additional $4 off your monthly Fi plan, equaling $414 in savings over the two years.

Plus, don't forget you get the $99 Pixel Buds.

While it's not the biggest savings, it all does add up to a sweet chunk of change over time.

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