Five Frugal Things | I went to Goodwill!

I haven’t been to Goodwill in such a long time, but Zoe and her friend wanted to go thrifting, and neither of them can drive yet. So, that meant I went thrifting too!

A pink pot with a cactus in it.

Thus, most of my Five Frugal Things this week will be Goodwill-related.

1. I found some lidless Pyrex containers

Two of mine have gotten chipped recently, and I found those exact two! I paid $4 for the large one (7-cup size) and $2 for the medium (4-cup size). I also found two of the small ones for $0.75 apiece.

Two glass Pyrex containers with Goodwill stickers.

I needed to order some replacement lids anyway for my Pyrex, so I wasn’t bothered that they were lidless.

Speaking of which…

2. I ordered some silicone Pyrex lids

I was extremely pleased to see that Sophico now makes silicone lids for the 4-cup size! I adore the silicone lids I got for my 2-cup containers, so I am thrilled to be able to get them in another size now too.

I bought my first set of Sophico lids in July 0f 2020, and now that I’ve been using them for over a year, I can confidently say that they are worth buying.

Even though I faithfully hand-wash them, my original Pyrex lids have always eventually cracked.

A cracked orange pyrex lid.

This one literally cracked yesterday.

But these silicone ones are just as soft and flexible now as they were when I bought them.

Silicone Pyrex replacement lid

I love not having to worry about them cracking on me!

They are definitely more expensive upfront than the plastic ones, but since I don’t think I’ll ever have to replace them, they are going to be worth it in the long run.

Plus, containers from Goodwill + Sophico lids are still cheaper than new Pyrex.

(Yes, I did the math to make sure. Ha.)

Here are the 2-cup lids.

These are the 4-cup lids I just bought.

And these are the large 7 cups lids.

3. I bought a glass container to store onions

When you use part of an onion, it’s a little tricky to figure out how to store the unused portion.

I prefer not to use disposable containers or bags, but onions are so odoriferous, if you put them into a container that has any plastic, the onion will make the plastic stink semi-permanently.

I’ve tried designating a specific lid for onion storage, but that’s a little trick to keep track of.

A glass Ikea jar.

So, when I saw this glass jar at Goodwill for $1, I thought it might be worth picking up. The lid and the container are both glass, so it should be perfect to use when I need to store an onion. Plus, the shape is pretty onion-friendly!

4. I got some cheap plant pots for Sonia

Since her plant obsession began, she has discovered how expensive pots are. So, I scoped out the plant pot section while Zoe and her friend were shopping, and I found several cute ones.

A cactus in a pink pot.

I texted photos to Sonia for approval, since she’d be paying for them, and she gave the OK for three of them. They cost $2, $3, and $4, so she got three pots for $9 total.

A medium pink pot with a plant in it.

A good deal for her gardening budget. 😉

A purple pot with a ladybug painted on it.

By the way, this Goodwill had several Ikea pots, but the prices were exactly what the pots cost new at Ikea. Hmm.

And this is why it’s nice to be able to look things up on your phone!

5. I bought a little coffee grinder to sell

I spied this cute little $4 grinder, looked it up on eBay, and saw that it sells for way more than $4.

A manual coffee grinder with a wooden drawer.

So, I will wipe it down, photograph it, and list it.  I think it will more than pay for everything else I bought at Goodwill.

And I think my friend Katy would be quite proud of me for spotting this. 🙂

What frugal things have you been up to lately? Share in the comments!


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