Counting Kingdom Review/Overview


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

What can I say about the counting kingdom I have to say that I really like that they have different techniques and strategies to teach your child in different ways. This program helps you recognize and count and understand the meaning of numbers all the way up to 10. I feel like this program can help in so many ways because they find different strategies to use with your particular child at their particular learning level.


Within 30 days your child will be able to comprehend and understand sequencing that involves math concepts and can comprehend key math concepts as well. My son is really good in math but I see that this program can help him see numbers differently in different ways.  It also helps you recognize objects and understand geometric shapes that will help you with objects by shapes.

This program is divided up into three levels for the student level one is to gain a Conceptional understanding of numbers one through 10, Level two is a higher level of math-related concepts that introduce all the same number and others, etc. these concepts until a level of generalization that is independent of specific numbers. Level three is a range of memory demands that are introduced memory is critical and enabling students to use what they have learned in the past that they can avoid starting from scratch.


Counting kingdom is $49.99 for one year of access.

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