Big Juice, Less Wait: EcoFlow DELTA mini Targets Quick Charging in Portable Package

EcoFlow’s newly launched DELTA mini portable power station touts fast charge times and big power — all with a smaller size.

Consider the EcoFlow DELTA an off-grid power source small enough to take on your next adventure. The DELTA mini is small yet suitable for camping, road trips, and job site power needs. At home, it serves as a backup during power outages.

This portable power station has enough oomph and outlets to power up to 12 devices at once (!). What’s more, it can recharge to 80% within an hour using electricity. If you need a solar recharge in the field, it can do that, too. In essence, there’s not much the DELTA mini can’t do.

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EcoFlow DELTA mini portable power station

Home in the Outdoors

If you aren’t familiar with EcoFlow, well, now you are. Its DELTA mini is a good option for off-grid power in many outdoor scenarios. A mini power station can power car camping staples like a mini-fridge or recharge lanterns, headlamps, and smartphones.

Van lifers or those working on the go may note its ability to recharge cameras, drones, and laptops.

Anyone with an outdoor worksite can bring the DELTA mini along on the daily commute. Electric tools, phones, and laptops can all be plugged into the portable power station at once. Heck, maybe that means you can “work from home” in that remote cabin or Airbnb now.

Of course, these same uses may apply at home. When a storm threatens to knock out power, charging the DELTA mini will help you prepare for an outage and hopefully provide some peace of mind. Even without notice, the power station can recharge with sunlight.

EcoFlow DELTA mini portable power station

EcoFlow DELTA mini Specs

  • Capacity: 882 Wh
  • Power output: 1,400 W (can power 90% of appliances*)
  • Charge time: 80% in one hr. 100% in 1.6 hr. (900W input)
  • Fast charge time: 80% in one hr.
  • Solar charge time: 4-8 hr. in full sunlight
  • Solar inputs: 11-75 V; 10 A; 300 W maximum

*The DELTA mini can support up to 1,800W appliances when used with the brand’s patented X-Boost technology.

Small Box, Big Watts

The DELTA mini’s 882Wh capacity translates to charging a car fridge for 12 hours, a drone 35 times, or an electric kettle pot six times. To run a larger appliance, you can get a little more power from the brand’s X-Boost mode. Using both allows the DELTA mini to power 1800W appliances by a smart algorithm.

The DELTA mini charges to full capacity in 96 minutes when plugged into a wall outlet. EcoFlow claims this is the fastest charging speed in the industry, citing competitors that take 3-7 hours to fully recharge.

The solar charge times vary based on the sunlight and the solar panels used. In perfect circumstances, the DELTA mini, when connected with three 110W solar panels (two 160W solar panels or one 400W solar panel) can be fully recharged in 4-8 hours, according to EcoFlow.

Know Your Power

We’ve listed a lot of wattage numbers and tried to give you a rough idea of what the station can power with examples of common devices. That mental math can get a little fuzzy once you mix and match devices or appliances.

Luckily, there’s an app for that. If you can connect to the internet, you can monitor your power input and output and get a more realistic idea of how many watts you’re pulling.

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EcoFlow delta mini 4

This article is sponsored by EcoFlow. Find more about the DELTA mini and other power stations.

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