Best Teacher, K-8: Amy Schroder, Breckenridge Elementary School

Breckenridge Elementary kindergarten teacher Amy Schroder poses for a photo. She won Best Teacher for grades K-8 in the annual Best of Summit contest.
Amy Schroder/Courtesy photo

Now in her 13th year teaching kindergarten at Breckenridge Elementary School, working with kids remains Amy Schroder’s passion.

“I just see it as my purpose to help children love coming to school, as this is their first year in a structured environment,” Schroder said. “I love that sometimes I’m their first introduction to a more formalized school setting, and I get to be a part of their learning how to write and read and learn new math concepts.”

As a kindergarten teacher, it’s Schroder’s job to help young kids become comfortable with new routines, structures and environments. She said learning social and emotional skills is also essential for this age group.

Helping every child find their own individual strengths is another key focus for Schroder.

“I always say that everybody’s an expert in something, so I feel fortunate that I get to help kids discover what that is and really connect with their strengths,” Schroder said.

She said she loves being part of a small community school like Breckenridge Elementary because she gets to engage with families in the community. She also gets to see the students she teaches grow up within the school.

“It’s a great experience as an educator to be able to watch them as the tiniest learners grow into the best, most accomplished learners at our school,” Schroder said.

To Schroder, a good educator is one who creates a safe, welcoming environment for children where they’re excited to learn and engage with their peers. She said she believes everyone works hard in their own professions and that being recognized by those in the community means the world to her.

“I just feel fortunate that I’m viewed as a contributing member to our community and that I’m valued as an educator,” Schroder said. “I’m obviously really touched. I have been doing this for a long time, and it just feels really special to be recognized.”

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