Are We Ready To Live on Mars?


Since my early teenage years, I have been a space buff, thanks to sci-fi books and movies. I would get excited every time I would listen to a story on extraterrestrial objects and the possibility of aliens hovering around our planet.

I have been meticulously following NASA and SpaceX on their latest missions. I am not an admirer of math and physics, yet I get thrilled to know that those equations are magical enough to make us humans fly and land on another planet.

After mission Mars 2020’s success, I was even more excited that there was a tiny possibility that I could be that alien hovering around another planet sometime in my life!

Last week, I was on a trip where I went scuba diving and was charmed with the underwater beauty. So much so that I did four dives within two days, as I was melted away by the underwater world and its beauty.

I had so many running thoughts about our planet after the trip. Why are we looking for a potential planet to live on when our beloved Earth is so beautiful, spacious, and still very much unexplored? Why are we trying to make Mars habitable for humans? Why are the mega tycoons like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk having a billion-dollar space battle?

The direct ethical answer to the questions I had was global warming. The deceitful answer, unfortunately, was money, power, and egocentrism. Stephen Hawking, in an interview, once stated that “spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves. I am convinced that humans need to leave Earth”.

So the real question we need to ask is, “Is global warming so real that there is the slightest possibility that at some point our future generations will have to leave Earth and find a different place to live?”

The answer, sadly, is yes, maybe!

Every other week, there is a report suggesting an existential future of Earth and us as a species due to the catastrophic effect of Global Warming. The evidence of increasing temperatures is creditable and alarming; rising temperatures affect global humidity levels, climate change, and sea-level temperatures affecting both species on land and in water.

It is captivating to think about encroaching on another planet and the possibility of starting a new fresh future. But it makes me ponder the future of the red planet once we earthlings terraform it, given the way we are protecting our earth right now.

In 1998 George Schaller a renowned biologist was phrased in Awake! Magazine “I’m surprised to see people get so wildly excited about a possible bacterium on Mars when our own planet is crawling with undiscovered species.”

Why does this matter so much? Have we really failed as a species?

Space is exciting. I am not saying that you don’t explore outer space. The future path that we take will always be a work in progress and arrive at a buttoned-up collective averaging many differing views. So go and explore but not at the cost of not looking after and taking for granted what you already have here.

Global warming started back in 1800 with the industrial revolution. The changes were slow back then, but in recent years the effect of global warming is 9 to 10 times faster. We as species have not yet failed. But are failing. We need to understand that changing climate is influencing human evolution and will lead to long-term detrimental effects.

Our earth is vast enough to hold all of us in it together. Our impassiveness can make this beautiful planet inhabitable and challenging for our future generations and surrounding species to survive.

What can we do together to help ourselves and the other species from global warming?

I believe all of the solutions for global warming exist today, and many of them depend on humans changing the way they behave, alter the way they make and expend energy.

We are not too late in the survival game. If we are mindful of our practices and start acting upon them now, we will be just fine. If we work together, we will enjoy a healthier Earth together for a very long time!

Here are some tips:

Plant a tree! It is as simple as that, and the most long-term change towards global warming. Plant a tree at least once a year, make it a ritual, like planting one on every birthday.

Rethink your mode of transportation. Ride a bike or take a walk if you are going just two blocks away to buy groceries. Your heart and lungs will also be grateful to you in the bargain.

Turn off that light next time when you pass an empty room. Yes, carbon emissions are a real thing.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. You must have heard and read about this a million times. So next time when you go to Starbucks, take your own reusable cup, be proud of yourself and enjoy your coffee.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances. Buy products that are Energy Star Certified. These help you save some money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sign up for a Newsletter to be in touch with the latest data and research on global warming. Let’s spread the word!Share the information with others who are less aware of the current crisis. I hope I am doing my bit by writing about it in this article.

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