8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More High-End

When you walk into a multi-million dollar home, you know it. Everything feels shiny, new, somehow cleaner than you’d ever thought possible, and you’re left feeling…less than.

Of course your home could look like that if you too forked over a small inheritance for flooring and light fixtures. But if you ask me: there’s absolutely no fun in that. Anyone can make a home look ready for HGTV with a six-figure budget, but the real heroes do it for a fraction and make you think it costs much much more.


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I’m a budget girly through and through and what I’ve found is that when done right, budget products look just as good as those designer labels. When it comes to your home, there’s plenty of tips and tricks to elevate your space from blah to banging and if you stick with me, you’ll find that your wallet doesn’t have to suffer in order to do so.

As you're making your house a home, consider these hacks to flex your home’s beauty without breaking the bank.

​1. Hang Your Curtains Like This


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This seems far too simple to be true and yet, people are blown away by what raising your curtains up a few inches can do. Not only do longer, fuller curtains look more expensive and luxurious, they draw the eye up, making your space feel larger and grander.


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Bonus points for a pinched pleat:

The “pinched pleat” style of curtains are often expensive and over-priced. You can create this same look with ordinary curtains and a little ingenuity. @ayeyiathome shows how a few simple supplies can take your standard curtains to the next level with this easy DIY project.

​2. Never Underestimate Lighting


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Lighting is usually the last thing people think about in a space. Mostly because it feels so permanent and inconsequential, but it makes a huge impact on your space in reality. Adding lamps around your home, rather than using the overhead light creates a cozier, intimate vibe. Utilize lighting as accents and accessories to your existing decor, like highlighting art with a picture light.


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Try this hack:

Upgrade your corded, plug-in lights for a sleek, “wall-mount” look sans all the electrical work with puck lights. These battery-operated (or sometimes rechargeable) lights work in any lamp to provide light without having to be hard-wired into the wall.

3. Swap Out Store-Bought Bottles For This Matching Set​


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All of those perfect, Instagrammable homes we love are usually meticulously organized, but perhaps more importantly… nothing is ever in its original packaging. Swapping out your store-bought bottles of haircare or even pantry items, with matching containers will instantly upgrade your space for much less than you might expect.

4. Find The Right Size Rug


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Odd are, your rugs are too small. Disproportionate rooms, even those that are decorated with expensive pieces, can feel a little off and disheveled. The right size rug for a room will ground your design and pull the entire space together.

5. Fill Your Walls With The Right Proportions


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In the comments of this video, @katekerdiinteriors admits “design is a lot about math, whether we like it or not,” and decorating the walls in your space is a perfect example of this. It feels easy to add a piece of art or photo gallery to a blank wall, but using this simple math equation will help you pick art that makes your space feel more expensive.

Quick Math:
  1. To find the correct size range of art for your wall, first measure the wall.
  2. Once you have your measurements, you'll want to multiply both the height and width by 0.6 to get the lower end of the range.
  3. For the higher end of the range, multiply the height and width by 0.75.


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Bonus tip:

Utilize blank wall space to reflect light with mirrors. This will make your room feel larger and more airy without a huge monetary or time investment.

6. Look Up — Don't Leave Your Ceilings Hanging


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Ceilings are having a huge moment right now. Just a quick scroll and you’ll find monochromatic paint jobs that include the ceiling, as well as textured ceiling treatments that are whimsical and immediately draw your eye. There are so many budget-friendly products on the market that can be installed easily to steal the show in any room.


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I used wallpaper to upgrade my ceiling, but you can easily take yours to the next level with a fresh coat of paint.

7. Don't Forget The Outside


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The very idea of updating the exterior of my home feels extremely daunting, but the truth is, there are so many affordable (and shockingly simple) additions to your home that will boost the curb appeal immediately. These rain gutter chains are like earrings for your home and look how pretty she looks! Other quick fixes like magnetic garage hardware or cedar shutters accessorize your home to enhance its beauty.

8. Incorporate Natural Stone


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Luxury materials will always make a space feel high-end, but they come with a designer price tag. Incorporating small samples of those materials, like marble, travertine, and natural wood, is a cost-effective way to strengthen a room. Marble coasters, vases, and candlestick holders are low-cost accessories with an elegant impact.

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Image via Mackenzie Edwards.

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