7 Items You Should Never Buy At Walmart


Did you know there are some groceries you should never buy at Walmart?

(Note: given the current state of all-the-things… I'd probably buy what I can where I can when I can  but, these are good reminders even now to always double check your pricing!)


Now, there are plenty of things you should buy at Walmart (we update the list every week right over HERE!), but not every single thing is a great deal at Walmart.

So often (SOOOO often) I hear people say they just buy everything at Walmart because it's “so much cheaper.”


But, after years of penny pinching I cringe every time I walk in the store, because my “job” each day is to really watch prices, so I know they're typically priced too high!


The problem is, Walmart just doesn't offer much in the way of sales. They do have very reasonable prices every day especially on their store brands, however for many (many) things you're just paying too much.

Now, before you give up on Walmart completely, I do love the Walmart Grocery Promo Code (and now you can shop Walmart Delivery too)!

Walmart almost alwaysoffers a $10 off Walmart Grocery Promo Code which can really help you save, especially when ordering Walmart Pickup or Delivery. But you can't use those Grocery Promo Codes when shopping in store, so they don't always help.


Curious what I think you should never buy at Walmart because it will just bust your budget? Here we go.

Here's a sneak peek overview:

  1. Tide
  2. All Detergent
  3. Quilted Northern
  4. Potato Chips
  5. K Cups
  6. Pasta
  7. Produce


1. Tide.

Oh my word, please, please if you love Tide wait for a sale at your local grocery store! Tide Pods are regularly $17.97 for the 72 count at Walmart ~ let's do the math on that.

Tide goes on sale all. the. time. at most grocery stores and even the drug stores, so make sure to get a deal.


2. All Laundry Detergent

All Laundry Detergent is one of my favorites, and you can always find a deal on it if you're willing to wait for a sale! Here's the math:

Use a coupon at either store to save even more, but by far the better deal is at Kroger! 


3. Quilted Northern.

Note: given the current state of all the things- buy the toilet paper at Walmart if you find it there! But normally… always  do the math and watch for the best price! 

Quilted Northern is always on sale at Amazon (always!) and their everyday price just beats the Walmart price. Here's the math:

  • Walmart 12 double rolls = $6.97 or 58¢ per double roll (currently unavailable but hopefully will be back soon!)
  • Amazon 24 supreme  rolls = $19.07 or 20¢ per single roll (currently unavailable but hopefully will be back soon!)
  • Publix 6 double rolls on sale = $2.49 or 41¢ per roll


4. Potato Chips.

Potato chips go on sale so often at your local grocery, and Aldi has a great selection of store brand ones as well. My target price on a bag of chips is $2 – $2.50, so don't pay more than that in a hurry at Walmart.


4. K Cups.

Unless you're super particular about your coffee, skip buying KCups at Walmart. Their Donut Shop Blend costs $19.88 or 55¢ per cup, which is still a little steep.


5. Pasta.

If you're willing to buy Walmart brand pasta, you may get a decent price. But, if you like any national brand, Walmart typically is priced higher than your local grocery store if pasta is on sale.  Just last week I stocked up on Creamette Pasta at Kroger for 49¢ in their Mega Sale, so watch for those stock up prices on sale at your grocery store.

6. Ice Cream.

If you love ice cream, watch for a sale at your local grocery store! While Breyer's at $3.94 isn't the highest price I've seen, I've often stocked up for around $2.49 when waiting for a sale at Kroger or Publix.


If you're willing to shop a store brand (we've been pleased with both the Publix and Kroger store brands),  you can save even more at your local grocery store. 


7. Produce that's not in season.

Occasionally Walmart will offer great prices on seasonal produce (I've scored grapes for 88¢/lb there and strawberries for $1.25 per pint), but typically I think their produce is high. 

Your best bet for stocking up on produce is to shop Aldi (or even price match the Aldi ad at Walmart), or try out Sprout's or Fresh Thyme if they're in your area. Our local Fresh Thyme regularly drops the price on pineapples to $.99, so be willing to choose what's on sale each week when you shop the produce department.

Now I'm not saying nothing is a good deal at Walmart (at all!) but always remember which things you should never buy at Walmart, and shop other stores for those few things. It's so important to always do your research price matching research before shopping (that will help so much!) and never ever never pay full price.


Looking for more tips to help save on your budget? Here you go:




Do you have any other suggestions on what to buy (or not to buy) at Walmart? Leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you!

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