7 Handy Websites to Create Awesome Worksheets

Worksheets are a great way for students to track their progress and review what they have learned. But creating good, interactive worksheets can be a challenging task for teachers or parents.

Thanks to online interactive worksheet makers, it’s now easy to design engaging and beautiful worksheets with minimal effort. Here, we mention seven websites that you can use to create awesome worksheets, both interactive and printable.

1. Quick Worksheetsquick-worksheets-screenshot

Quick Worksheets is an interactive worksheet maker that allows you to build 27 different types of worksheets. These types are divided into categories like interactive, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and multipurpose worksheets.

The platform's templates and algorithms simplify the process of creating complex worksheets. This worksheet maker has a similar interface to Google Forms, making it a good choice for non-techies. The interactive worksheets are graded automatically, and then you can view the results.

The Help Center features tons of videos to help you build a great worksheet. You can also browse and download worksheets shared by other users. Quick Worksheets let you create worksheets in multiple languages.

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The free plan provides access to only four types of worksheets and a storage limit of 12 worksheets. The premium and pro plans cost around $5 and $8 a month, respectively. Quick Worksheets also offers group discounts for schools.

2. TopWorksheetstop-worksheets-screenshot

Using TopWorksheets, teachers can quickly and easily create interactive worksheets. The worksheet builder supports multiple types of questions and is relatively simple to use.

There are multiple ways you can create a worksheet. If you have a hard copy or a PDF, you can simply upload it to the app. Otherwise, you can build one from the scratch.

Even better, TopWorksheets has thousands of worksheets built by its community available on the website. So, you can download the worksheets from there and save yourself the trouble of building one. TopWorksheets has an auto-grading system, so you won't have to check and manually grade assignments.

After building a worksheet, you can create a custom link and send it out to your students. Once the students have submitted the answers, you’ll receive auto-graded results. TopWorksheets allows you to create your scoring system, analyze the answers, and manage your groups. It has three pricing plans: free, gold, and platinum.

3. Liveworksheets

Liveworksheets is another interactive worksheet maker that uses the latest technologies to help you provide a better learning experience to your students. It lets you convert traditional PDF worksheets to interactive, self-correcting ones.

What’s better is that you can create complete interactive workbooks on Liveworksheets. Your students can solve these after registering up on its website. Moreover, Liveworksheets supports comments, notes, email notifications, and feedback that enhances the online learning experience.

You can also add speaking exercises to the worksheets that the students can do using a microphone. Other than speaking exercises, you can add multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop exercises, join arrows, and videos. Liveworksheets allows you to embed the worksheets to your website and download them as a PDF file. But, it limits the number of private worksheets to 30.

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Like other websites, Liveworksheets has a huge collection of ready-made worksheets in different languages and subjects. The advanced search feature helps you find relevant worksheets within seconds.

Although the app is a bit difficult to use, you can seek help from detailed guides and video tutorials. Liveworksheets offers multiple plans for teachers and schools, but they’re all free till December 31, 2021. So be an early bird and save some bucks.

4. My Worksheet Makermy-worksheet-maker-screenshot

My Worksheet Maker is a pretty simple worksheet maker with pre-built templates. It, too, has a library of nearly 70,000 community-built, printable worksheets. These worksheets cover a range of topics and grades. You can use filters to search the library by grade, subject, and type.

To create a worksheet, you can simply choose the template from its homepage. These include worksheets for:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Open Response
  • Handwriting
  • Word Scramble
  • Bingo Cards
  • Flashcards

The worksheet builder app is feature-rich, giving you full control over how your worksheets look like. After creating the worksheet, you convert it to PDF format for downloading and printing. However, if you’re not a premium subscriber (which costs $10 a month) the worksheet will be made publicly available in its library.

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5. Wizerwizer-worksheet-screenshot

Wizer aims to help you create unforgettable worksheets that’ll save your time and make studies fun for your students. Wizer checks and grades automatically, though you can view answers and offer personalized feedback.

It supports multiple types of questions, including multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, open questions, matching pairs, tables, etc. You can also add videos, audio, and images. With beautiful design and rich media, Wizer makes learning fun and simple for your students.

The app is quite simple to use, both for teachers and students. You can integrate it with Google Classroom or any other LMS. It has two plans: a free one and a paid one. Paid plan costs almost $5/month. Educational institutions can request a group purchasing quote.

6. Canvacanva-worksheet-screenshot

Canva is an online designing tool that you can use to create almost anything, including beautiful worksheets. Canva has professionally designed worksheets templates that serve as a good starting point. You can then customize, share, and print these worksheets.

Alternatively, you can use a blank canvas and build a worksheet from scratch. Canva has thousands of design elements and features that can help you to build engaging worksheets.

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7. Design Hilldesign-hill-screenshot

Like Canva, Design Hill is a graphic designing tool and creative marketplace with several tools. A handy worksheet maker is one of them.

Design Hill has numerous ready-made templates for different subjects. You can customize these templates and build your own worksheets, adding photos, elements, icons, and text. Design Hill is best for primary school teachers who need to create simple and beautiful worksheets.

Make Online Learning Fun

Online learning can either be great fun or completely boring. These websites can help you make interactive and beautiful worksheets to make learning enjoyable for your students.

Other than worksheets, there are tons of other ways through which you can make learning an enjoyable experience for your students.

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