6 Free Fun Number Counting Puzzles for Kids

Do your students love puzzles?

Here's a fun way to help young kids reinforce their basic counting skills of numbers 1-100 while working with number puzzles. 

Free Number Puzzles for Kids

By using these fun number puzzles the children will be using their fine motor skills to make cute pictures with a woodlands animal theme while also practicing their math skills of counting and skip counting (number sequence).

Counting is done by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Number Sequences included in the set:

  • Counting by 1s - Numbers  1-10
  • Counting by 1s - Numbers  11-20
  • Counting by 1s - Numbers  21-30
  • Counting by 2s - Numbers  2-20
  • Counting by 5s - Numbers  5-50
  • Counting by10s - Numbers 10-100

Children put the puzzle pieces into the proper number sequence. The puzzles are self-correcting in that the proper number sequence will reveal a picture. For these puzzles, the pictures revealed will be some woodland animals.

There are 6 puzzles in this set with different number sequences so that you can decide which number sequence your students need to work on. Each puzzle has 10 pieces.

Counting by 1s

                                                                         Counting by 5s

Counting by 2s

Counting by 10s

All you need to do is print the puzzles, cut into strips, and laminate if desired. I like to print them on photo paper or cardstock.

You can download these 6 puzzles for free from my TpT Shop.  Just click on the picture above or the link below! 

To view more Number Puzzles and Skip Counting Number Puzzles at my TPT store, click on the link below:

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