59 Funny Corporate Social Media Fails That Might Make You Want To Facepalm

Let’s get real for a second, Pandas. I genuinely believe that we’re becoming more and more like a cyberpunk dystopia every single day. We’re developing ever more impressive technologies, but our quality of life suffers, as the wealth gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen. However, even in this dreary corporate landscape, you can find something to giggle about. Comedy, as always, is the silver lining that helps perk up our mood.

That’s where the r/CorporateFacepalm subreddit comes in. A cozy online community of just over 147k members, it has been documenting hilarious corporate fails on social media and in real-life since the early summer of 2015. In those 6+ years, they’ve amassed a vast archive of proof that even the biggest, most powerful global companies slip up from time to time. Sometimes, in such funny ways that we realize that the people managing the social media accounts are human, too. With human errors left, right, and center, too.

Scroll down for some of the most facepalm-worthy corporate posts on the internet, upvote the biggest fails, and let us know in the comments which of these you think are worth a gold star for the effort.

#1 Yahoo Not Even Using Their Own Search Engine

Image credits: YahooSportsNBA

#2 Glad To Hear That

Image credits: grubernack276

#3 Mcdonalds And Visa Partnered To Make This Budget For Fast Food Workers, It Requires Two Jobs And No Heat

Image credits: addpulp

The ‘Corporate Facepalm’ subreddit runs with the tagline, “For all the ridiculous things your company does!” And it really helps humanize the large, often faceless, corporations.

They seem much more approachable when you realize that even the biggest conglomerates, rivaling even countries with their raw financial power and political clout, aren’t perfect. They can mess up in ways that look obvious to us. Then again, hindsight is always 20/20.

#4 Waltonchain Forgets To Switch Twitter Accounts, Self-Owns By Posting As Winner Of Their Own Contest

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#5 Time To Rethink Your Brand Name

Image credits: TheLantean

#6 I Have No Words

Image credits: swimneko

Rules-wise, r/CorporateFacepalm is very light on regulating its members. All they ask from their community members is that they “don’t be a jerk,” label any NSFW post and comments as such, and avoid posting any personal information. Information about public entities is fine, however, if you’re posting a “normal” person’s name, photo, or profile, you should really block that out to protect their identity.

The subreddit’s mods also urge their members to submit original content and avoid reposting things. “If someone posted it this week, you probably shouldn't post it again. If someone posted it last year, it's probably okay. We will review this on a case-by-case basis,” they share.

#7 Wells Fargo Wants You To Get A Real Job

Image credits: invisiblezipper

#8 Purell Making Fun Of Sick Kids

Image credits: jakeatom

#9 Nice One, Standard Bank Sa

Image credits: nukunukudash

On a more serious note, however, we do have to keep in mind that the landscape of the job industry has changed a lot in recent years. Over a decade ago, we had one of the biggest financial crashes in human history. Meanwhile, we’ve been battling the Covid-19 pandemic for the past two years.

“We had the global financial crisis which led to many millennials who were employed being displaced. When the economy recovered, it changed structurally, and many quality jobs were lost," Eddy Ng, the Smith Professor of Equity & Inclusion in Business at Queen’s University, told me during an interview with Bored Panda just last week.

According to the professor, the 2008 financial crisis led to the emergency of precarious jobs, the gig/sharing economy, and the rise of digital labor. As a result, some people were unable to join the new economy. Income and social inequality were on the rise.

#10 Company Prints Message To Staff On Public Advertisement

Image credits: swimneko

#11 A Nightclubs Response To A Drink (Possibly) Being Spiked

Image credits: engineerforthefuture

#12 Conservative Party Leaflets Circulated In Basingstoke, UK

Image credits: reddituser1245

According to Eddy, some racialized groups, like Black and Brown workers, fall into a poverty trap, unable to climb out of it. Financial literacy isn’t enough to help people pull themselves out of poverty, though it might be a helpful tool otherwise. “You need to have the resources to, for example, access training and education," the professor said.

In the present day, we see that the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the very same income and social inequalities that the 2008 crash brought to light. 

“Workers work more hours with lower pay in order to survive. That leaves little time to accumulate the necessary resources for skill upgrades or retooling for the new economy. This is the poverty trap I alluded to," the professor said.

#13 "This Is Terrible Advice For Trains"

Image credits: anonymous

#14 Celebrate Women's Day By... Thinking Like A Man?

Image credits: nukunukudash

#15 Orangetheory Literally Photoshopped A White Dudes Face Onto A Black Persons Body In Their Telephone Training Program

Image credits: thanksforthetrash

Financial expert Sam Dogen explained to me earlier that the reality is that some CEOs can get millions of dollars while average employees might be scared for their job security. There’s an extreme dichotomy between the fortunate and the average.

“CEOs have no magical powers. Yes, they have the operational experience to run big companies. However, they are often just spokespeople and ambassadors of the firm. One person cannot make that big a difference in a large organization. If Tim Cook from Apple steps down, the company will be fine. Another overpaid CEO will take his place,” he told Bored Panda.

#16 Black Friday

Image credits: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#17 My Sister Received This Email From Zillow

Image credits: fletchdoll

#18 Feminist And Body-Positive Cosmo Promotes The Story Of A Woman's Cancer Recovery As A Beach-Bod Strategy

Image credits: shrine

“The reason why CEOs can get paid so much is due to the direct correlation of the size of the company. When a company is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it’s easier to pay a CEO tens of millions of dollars a year, which comprised mostly of stock options,” the expert said.

“At the end of the day, the CEO and the Board of Directors’ goal is to provide as much value and returns as possible for its shareholders. And if that means firing thousands of employees, then that is what they will do. It is a sad reality of extreme capitalism.”

#19 Washington Post Creates Page On A Women's March. Uses The Male Symbol

Image credits: Plexatron8

#20 New Fashion Trend

Image credits: ElishevaKlein

#21 Nivea's Now Deleted Facebook Post Was Quite Popular With The Alt Right

Image credits: PompeiiGraffiti

According to financial expert Sam, the employment situation is going to get more competitive in the future, as technologies change and globalization continues to be a powerful force.

“Now, a company can more easily hire a hungry person from a developing country who is willing to earn much less. The work-from-home trend is here to stay. The other trend we should see is more people becoming freelancers instead of full-time employees. The ability to work from home has created more solopreneurs who see more business opportunity taking on multiple clients at once.”

#22 Bet This Went Over Real Well Reebok

Image credits: Sicksixshift

#23 Maccas In A Town Called “Yass”. It Took Them Years Until They Took It Down

Image credits: Steampunk007

#24 Who Needs To Flu Shot When You Can Have Flavored Water?

Image credits: doritosDewItRight

#25 When The New Zealand Police Tries To Meme

Image credits: zealous-panda

#26 “We’re Number One!”

Image credits: Kulkinz

#27 A Very Heartfelt Personalized Thanks

Image credits: ZeroWithEverything

#28 Til Alaska Apparently Is Not Part Of North America

Image credits: ELohVEee

#29 Hmmm

Image credits: LeviKeanu

#30 Wow

Image credits: eth32

#31 Ok Cristiano

Image credits: zlatan10ibra

#32 This Madden Nfl Giveaway

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 Pot, Meet Kettle

Image credits: Jorymo

#34 Um. Retinal?

Image credits: brittnotbot

#35 Ibm May Need To Update Its Job Applicant Page

Image credits: peter_bolton

#36 Old Ad From The Netherlands

Image credits: xkelsx1

#37 Surely Nobody Will Mix These Two Up

Image credits: Mienstiner

#38 Thanks, Amazon

Image credits: Sazley

#39 Congratulations! Also, Remember You Have A Brain Tumour!

Image credits: SimoneGiertz

#40 Do Local News Stations Count?

Image credits: bcschewe

#41 Marriott Gets It

Image credits: swimneko

#42 Wow, People Must Hate Their Queso

Image credits: DocDingus

#43 Uh Oh

Image credits: Not_A_Nazgul

#44 "My Only Choice Is Comcast" "Thanks For Choosing Comcast!"

Image credits: HOMlEG

#45 Bbc News Jumps The Gun With Its Reporting

Image credits: helloinvader

#46 Youtube Rewind 2018 Becomes The Most Disliked Video In The Website's History

Image credits: airballer23

#47 Wait, What?

Image credits: neovir

#48 Oh You’d Rather Make Your Customers Wait Rather Than Invest In Better Servers? Definitely A Surefire Way To Win Me As A Repeat Customer

Image credits: TheGruesomeTwosome

#49 Yes! Everything!

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Not Sure Abc Has This Pie Chart, Math Thing Down

Image credits: DavidGabrielMusic

#51 Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: drunkcowofdeath

#52 Searching Apartment Complex Reviews When I Noticed Something A Little Fishy About The "Property Managers" Response

Image credits: somekidbrandon

#53 Social Media Intern Forgot To Log Out Of Ihop Account Before Retweeting

Image credits: Bonneville865

#54 Sky News Just Quoted A Scammer Twitter Account As If It Was Elon Musk Himself

Image credits: SociallyAwkardRacoon

#55 How Did They Not See That Coming

Image credits: PotUhShow

#56 Blizzard Supporting People To Stand Up For Their Cause, Meanwhile

Image credits: pizza_and_cats

#57 Asus Tweeted And Then Almost Immediately Deleted This Howler

Image credits: turkboy

#58 Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa Johns

Image credits: FlpDaMattress

#59 $14 To Get A Transcript Of The Live Chat?! That They Record Anyway

Image credits: mrbennbenn

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