50+ Extreme People and Animals Comparisons

There are a lot of strange creatures on this planet. Some people even get surprised when they find out there are really bizarre animals they haven’t heard of before. Check it out. No heart or brain, 4 noses, an eye the size of your head, and…immortality? Let's see how some of the most bizarre animal bodies compare to yours!

For example, a blue whale heart is the size of a golf cart and can weigh 400 lbs. Your heart weighs 10 oz. Do the math: a blue whale’s heart is 640 times larger than a human’s! Your heart has 4 chambers. A cockroach’s has 13! Octopuses and squids have 3 hearts. They also have beaks like birds! Horses have 1 heart like humans. But they have a heart-like organ on their... Okay, just watch the video.

Human heart VS. animal heart 0:18
How the animal kingdom sleeps 2:07
Why humans lost their fur 3:31
Why we don’t have tails 3:46
What’s so special about owls? 5:19
Who feels smells with their feet 6:29
27,000 teeth 7:31
What animals use names for each other 7:40
Chemical language of pheromones 7:54
Who lives thousands of years 9:40
The oldest tree we know 10:10
The immortal jellyfish 10:21

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