35 People Who Were So Fed Up, They Quit On The Spot And Shared Their Stories In This Online Thread

For many people, having a good job and building a successful career is one of the most important things in life. And many of those people can agree that sometimes we have to go through difficult working conditions just to gain some of that necessary experience that will keep us going as well as earn money for our basic needs.

But sometimes there comes a point in life when a person thinks that enough is enough and they decide to quit their job as it turns out to be demeaning and not worth one’s effort and time. Having this in mind, Reddit user @ragingbull955 asked people online to share a moment when they were fed up with their workplace, so they decided to quit. The question made a lot of members open up and share their experience of working in places that would exploit, humiliate and even cause some permanent psychological damage to their employees.

Can you relate to any of these stories? Your thoughts are very much appreciated in the comments down below! 

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I was a supervisor at a Dollar General Market (little different from a traditional Dollar General in that it's more like a K-Mart, has departments, etc). I walked out this past May. I was making $9.75 an hour...worked there for two years, got promoted, came in on days off, worked all the holidays, moved around departments as needed. I worked there through the "toilet paper wars" and ensuing year of the coronavirus. EVERYONE began walking out...we lost 8 people in 2 weeks. I asked for a raise. I then begged for a raise. I just wanted $11/hr. They wouldn't give it to me. So I walked in one evening, asked who my cashiers and crew were for the shift and was told it was just me and a manager.
I didn't make a scene. I just quietly took off my name tag, set down my keys, and walked out of the store.

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My idiot boss yelled at my coworker for something he didn't do, made him cry on the sales floor. So I went up to my boss and yelled in his face, got sent home and never came back. Found out later that everyone in the department quit after they found out how we got treated.

I wish I could've been there when the moron had to explain to corporate how he lost the best sales team in the entire company in the span of a day.

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My prison guard job.

I was having nightmares and various mental health issues stemming from the things I witnessed that I wanted to get therapy for. I asked HR to help me find support and they decided instead to take an unannounced month-long vacation. I asked my security head for help and he essentially called me a p**sy. So, I went and found therapy on my own dime, then the prison found out (unclear how though I suspect my ex was involved) and put me on indefinite leave. I responded by resigning.

Also in the process of suing them.

Only real downside is having to build a new life and career for myself (it's been quite rough)

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I worked at this place called Burger Mill for exactly 1 day. Filthy, disgusting and doesn’t meet health code regulations. Anyway, I was working the register and this guy who was out with his son who had autism showed up, he ordered 2 shakes and told me they were having a “father-son day”. While making the drinks, I told him how sweet it was and how these are precious moments and memories they’ll both cherish forever; told him he had a very kind and compassionate soul, handed him his milkshakes and wished them both a lovely day. My boss came over before they could even leave and she SCREAMED at me for “being too nice” to the customers. The man handed me a $20 tip, told me to never change and left. I quit that day as I can’t work in an environment that doesn’t encourage some kind of professional relationship with customers, I’m a friendly person and I love people

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I stayed home to take care of my wife cause she was sick and couldn't get out of bed. Msged my boss I'm going to take my wife to the Dr real quick and then work from home to look after her.

Boss texts me to call him and says "it's great you want to take care of your wife but you have to learn that she is an adult and can take care of herself."

Quit the next day.

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When I was made fun of for having a disability by the managers. F**k Walmart

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when management puts politics/religion in their business/favoritism.

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Literally today.

Manage a Chipotle. Which has a great business model but relies on being staffed. Which pre pandemic it did well as it had competitive wages and offered benefits.

But staffing crisis happened. We have a skeleton crew.

You can't run the restaurant with a skeleton crew. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

So tonight I'd have had to run my restaurant then close solo when the two other crew members left at 11.

I'd have been there till 5am. Wouldn't be the first time.

I'm just over it. I quit today. No notice. I'm not staying out till sunrise cleaning a restaurant and washing a mountain of dishes without an end in sight. Like if we knew the staffing crisis would end in 6 months, I'd tough it out. But there is no set date and no end in the foreseeable future.

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When weekly meetings basically became "let's all bash people who like vaccines and wear masks". Especially since if I did that, I'd be bashing myself.

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I was in an interview and we got to talking about availability. I let them know I was in college so I would give them a copy of my class schedule so they knew my availability. They said I needed to be available 24/7 for this minimum wage call center, said i’m not dropping out of school for a minimum wage job and left.

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I was a middle school English teacher in a TERRIBLE school (bad administration, no discipline, etc) and my grade band was toxic. I mean, to the point where if I did something I was asked to do, it became the wrong thing to do suddenly. If a kid randomly cursed me out and I tried to send them out to an alternate location for the duration of the class they were returned to me. Effectively, they undermined any authority and attempts at consequences and just let disruptive students remain stay in class and continue making issues for the other 30 kids in the room. The head of the department hated me because I made the mistake of speaking to her husband, (about football while my husband was right there) and it became her mission to have my life be as miserable as possible. I loved teaching but after that level of abuse and being told I sucked constantly, I noped the f**k out and never looked back. Left my keys on the desk and felt freaking great about it. It took months to undo the amount of damage they incurred in a few months. It wasn’t my first school, but it was my last.

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Worked at a furniture store after moving to a bigger city. They told me it was $10/hr which wasnt great but it was something. Worked about 47 hours my first week and 45 the next week and I was pretty excited to be getting some OT pay. But when I got my pay stub there was no overtime on there. I asked the manager and he said "it's a salary position, you dont get overtime pay". Told him this was never discussed in the hiring process and he said it should've been and if I dont like it I can leave. So I took off my work shirt and walked out of there shirtless. F**k that job.

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I left a job working in Corrections after 8.5 years because of one s***ty Sergeant. He was promoted by the newly elected Sheriff but was horribly unqualified for the job .

In his infinite wisdom he decided to allow an inmate’s wife and co-defendant in to the jail to change bandages on the inmates body rather than make our medical staff do it (because she didn’t want to) or send him to wound clinic to have it done (because we’d lose an officer for an hour or so).

I was instructed to escort the wife to the inmate so she could change his bandages and I refused to do it. I was suspended for 3 days. The night before I was to return to work I turned in all of my gear and left.

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I was training to be an assistant manager at a coffee place that badly wanted to be just like Starbucks. I was constantly being thrown under the bus by the staff who had worked there longer and didn’t like that I was taking the asst. manager role they wanted.

The managers training me had me on my feet with no break for almost 12 hours making drinks. I was literally shaking from hunger, but was told they had to train me that way because there would be days I couldn’t take breaks. I was miserable. It was obvious. I couldn’t keep up with memorizing the drink recipes, probably because I was hungry! The managers called me in one day to talk and said they wanted to keep me on, but not in the asst. manager role until I’ve spent more time working on perfecting the drinks. I told them thanks, but no thanks and left!

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Last year when covid hit. Was working as a package handler at a fedex warehouse. Managers didnt care at all for hygiene and required no masks. People were getting covid and I was like hell no I'm out.

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I'd been working a job I hated for 8 months at Kohl's. It was boring and soul crashing, it felt like I was slowing being eroded away inside. On my way to work I was listening to Radiohead's "No Suprises" for the first time ever and something inside me just broke. I realized that my job had invaded every part of my life, sapping the joy out of everything I cared about. I had given up on my aspirations, stopped practicing my hobbies. I spent every waking moment dreading the next time I had to drag myself through the door.

And so I walked in and quit on the spot. I hit a wall and couldn't take it anymore. It took me multiple years of therapy to get back into the workforce, every time I tried to go back to work I'd have a mental breakdown right away. I'm doing a lot better now, but I'm very careful not to push myself too hard and I'm very lucky that I'm in a position where I don't need to.

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I got an entry level system administrator job. I had to deal with an egotistical manager. I don't remember the details but my manager asked us a mental math question regarding one of the software settings. I said it was ".75".

My manager laughed at me and said "the education system is failing" implying that I was wrong. The answer he was looking for was "3/4". Me and my teammates tried to explain that it was the same thing. He kept insisting that it was wrong. He had a big problem of people telling him he was wrong.

It was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I quit within the hour.

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When my boss’ wife threw a fit over me doing my job and complained to him so abusively that when he came to talk to me, he was near tears and so pale, shaking so badly I thought he was going to drop dead right there. She told lies about me and even though I haven’t worked with them for 2 years, she still makes up lies about me to whoever will listen. All because I’m a woman. I’ve watched her throw a fit over him giving a baby girl — a literal baby, a hug. The woman was too psycho to make the job worth it.

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When my job was threatened because I was fighting to keep covid safety measures in place to keep my employees feeling safe.

F**k them man I was a groomsman at their sons wedding, and my job was threatened because I wanted to keep my employees happy and safe.

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90 minutes after starting a job a a cold caller.

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The shop manager at a bike shop I used to wrench at was a moody b***h. He was always very particular about which customers he was nice to. One day he was rather nasty to a nice black man who came in wanting to buy a bike. I ended up helping the guy because my manager wasn't having it. I couldn't get myself to go in the next day.

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2 years ago. Had a job that was very high stress. Was working 14 hour days on average. After 4 months, I gave my notice and walked out. Didn't entertain counters, didn't have a job line up, don't regret it.

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My last job working customer service. I was working for a major rental car company. Guy calls in in full meltdown mode because the car that he picked up didn't have a push button start.

That's right. The car he was given was a key start. Apparently this was the end of the world for him.

Quit after that call and have never worked customer service since. Now in a quiet little data entry role for an insurance company and couldn't be happier.

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I worked for a delivery group, basically. I had asked for time off to go to the hospital with my ex, who was pregnant, to attend a scan to see the gender of the baby.

The boss outright refused, and asked if the family was as important as providing for them. So I waited until the end of my lunch break, walked into the bosses office, and quit on the spot. Found a new job by the end of that day too.

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First day on job as valet at car dealership. First thing in morning parking cars in for service before doing paperwork. Find out could be liable for damages. Said bye. Shortest job ever 90 minutes

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I work as a stocker for an appliance company and showed up to work 95% of the time unlike most of my coworkers. When I wanted to take a sick day, my manager threatened to take away my bonus if I didn't come in. I put in my 2 week notice the day after and got a new and better job lined up.

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lmao a month ago the store I worked at was falling apart and I was planning on putting my two weeks in that afternoon but realized I wouldn't even make it two weeks and just didn't go in that day. It was liberating.

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Was working a local sports bar as a bouncer. Had to arrest some drunk guy since he refused to leave the bar and kept trying to sneak in. Had to wait 2 hours after closing for the police to arrive since I'm not legally allowed to release someone I've arrested except to police custody or with their permission. And it was midsummer so they where super busy that night.

Having to listen to the a*sholes drunken rambling for hours finally broke me. I called my boss the next day.

Was fired from my day job a few days later because of budget cuts. So I got to immediately regret my decision. Luckily the old boss took me back, but I'm suffering.

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My first job (web dev here). Expected of me to do fullstack work, learn a new technology, maintain two apps, all while being paid with peanuts. Told my boss the work is quite hard. Been given a 10% increase, which was like a slap on my face. Left the next day. No job on the line, but found one 3 months later where they paid me to learn. I'm being paid almost four times more here now.

Don't settle for less, know your worth.

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When I worked for 8 hours with one bathroom break and no lunch at a packaging company and they still expected me to stay put.

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When they kept scheduling me 12 hour shifts 4 days in a row and asking me to stay late

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I’ve been WAITING for someone to ask this. My first job was a McDonalds near my house and I used to work kitchen and cleaning hours.

A day before me quitting I had to clean after 25+ DRUNK AND HIGH dudes and gals who decided to order somewhere in the ball park of 150+ Meals for themselves, and decided to just not clean up anything at all, they even left their own beer bottles and joints everywhere at 10:30pm.

I was told the day after that they wanted to fire me, for no reason. I quit on the spot and packed my s**t.

F**k. That. Place. Worst Experience ever.

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I was told that my work hours would be 8:30-5:30. Instead, I learned that the expectation was for everyone (5 staff in a small company) to stay until at least 7pm every night, with 9pm finish times occuring on a regular basis. I was trying to convince myself to stick the job out until I found a new one, then I learned my boss had given my personal mobile number to clients so they could call me whenever they want. I called the recruiter who had placed me in the role and said "no f**king way." I left at the end of my 8th day.

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I was 18 years old and asked for a week off in 2 weeks. They said no. I said OK I quit and my last day will be in 2 weeks. Not a meltdown quit, but I really needed that time off.

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I didn't quit.

I reallocated myself. Transferred. Sought a new direction.

Actually, I really did just apply for a different position with my employer. One that is full time telework from home doing basically the same thing I'm doing now but for the same pay and benefits and no front facing customer service.

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