31 Simple Riddles for Those Who Don’t Like Math

Math riddles are a fun way to train your brain: they combine mind-sharpening math and puzzles that develop analytical thinking. Few of us care about the agility of our minds while we’re still young. But math brain teasers won’t let your brain grow weak and will help you keep a sharp mind at any age.

Remember to keep track of your correct answers to check yourself at the end! If you solve 0 to 10 riddles, you probably didn't pay much attention to math at school? Start with the easiest puzzles and try to crack at least one a day - soon, you'll see the result! If you have 11 to 24 correct answers, you're likely to use math now and then in your everyday life. And if your score is 25 to 31 solved riddles, congrats! You must be some math genius!

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