104 Of The Freshest Jokes About The Pandemic To Make You Laugh Or Cry (More New Pics)

There are now over 13.1 million confirmed cases of people infected with the coronavirus worldwide and the situation looks dire. However, people haven’t given up yet and are doing what humans do in hard times: they poke fun at the crisis to laugh and boost their spirits.

The Bored Panda team has collected some of the funniest and freshest jokes about the ‘Coronapocalypse’ floating on the net to show you that there’s plenty of humor around even in the darkest times. So scroll down and upvote your fave jokes, dear Pandas. When you’re done chuckling your way through this list, we’ve got plenty more coronavirus jokes for you to enjoy: check out our freshest lists here, here, and here.

Bored Panda reached out to Know Your Meme’s Senior Editor Matt Schimkowitz and spoke to him about the best coronavirus memes of 2020 and to what extent it’s all right to joke about serious topics. Read on for Matt’s insights!

#1 A New Kind Of Covid-19 Political Poster Seen In My Neighborhood

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#2 Coronavirus Joke

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#3 We Can Smell The Hypocrisy And It’s Bad

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The first thing that we wanted to know was which meme about 2020 stood out for Know Your Meme’s Senior Editor Matt personally as the most accurate and funniest so far. 

“This is a tough question. The first one to come to mind is ‘Tested Positive for Missing the Homies,’ which is something that I think had very wide appeal during the coronavirus quarantine. I have to admit, I am also suffering from this affliction. What can I say? I miss my homies. I think about that meme a lot,” Matt told Bored Panda.

However, the topic of humor during a deadly pandemic can be touchy. On the one hand, humor and laughter always go hand in hand and help people keep their hope burning strong during times of crisis. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected a lot of people who might not think that the coronavirus is something to take lightly.

#4 But Hey, I'm Sure That Was Just A Fluke.

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#5 Coronavirus Joke

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#6 I Believe I Have Created The Perfect Mask

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“I think I need to take this on a case-by-case basis,” Matt explained. “There are plenty of great coronavirus memes and plenty of bad ones. I think when it comes to a situation like that, one that affects everyone on a global scale, it's kind of fair game. Of course, there's a line, I think, when you start mocking other people's experiences with the virus.”

He added that nearly anything can be funny but the context surrounding a joke makes all the difference. We were also interested to know if Matt thought there was any way that the different sides of the aisle could find common ground.

#7 Seriously

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#8 People Running Around

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#9 Trump Is Playing 4d Chess

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“There's not any reconciling this point. People will always offend and others will always be offended. I think that most people should just be conscious about what they're meme-ing and what the subtext of the meme is. If people do take offense, try and understand why. It's possible to make jokes about sensitive topics, but you have to listen to your audience in order to get there.”

#10 Haha

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#11 Accurate

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#12 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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Finally, we wanted to get Matt’s take about the second half of 2020 and whether he thought the global situation would improve. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too optimistic. “Sorry to say, it's not looking good. We're currently in the middle of a global pandemic that's killed more than 400,000 people, so I think for many people it's probably going to continue being pretty painful.”

He added: “Oh, and there's a US election coming up, which are usually calm, orderly events with no problems, partisanship, or societal ruptures. Sorry to be a bummer!”

#13 Ha!

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#14 The Virus Will Not Last Long

#15 Math Problem

#16 I'm No Rocket Surgeon But...

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#17 I've Got You

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#18 Well, Well, Well..

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#19 Driving To Another State To Avoid Using A Mask

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#20 Poor Logo..

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#21 Keep Schools Closed

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#22 Let's Talk About Where The Priorities *actually* Are

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#23 Recycling In 2019 vs. Recycling In 2020

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#24 UPS

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#25 Kind Of A Political Post

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#26 Bored With Covid

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#27 Following Guidelines

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#28 Maybe Coronavirus Was Made To Kill People Like These

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#29 It's A Cult

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#30 To The Karen's That Can't Wear Masks. I Have Asthma And Work 13 Hour Shifts In This.

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#31 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#32 When They’re Killing Stuff, That Mask Fit Different.

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#33 Shes Not Wrong..

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#34 Quote Me.

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#35 All Lives Matter. Except When They Don't.

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#36 Safety

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#37 You Wanna Keep Going, Pal?

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#38 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#39 Going To Disney World During A Pandemic

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#40 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#41 Seriously, Is This Even A Tough Decision?

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#42 Coronavirus Joke

#43 Coronavirus Joke

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#44 It's Like We Were Born In A Barn.

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#45 So True

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#46 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#47 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#48 The Sickest Place On Earth

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#49 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#50 This Just Doesn’t Make Sense

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#51 Orange You Glad?

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#52 She Used Your Own Logic, But Against You

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#53 How Much Did You Get Done?

#54 Me Irl

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#55 Count Me In

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#56 Publix Have A Mandatory Mask Rule.

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#57 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#58 Thanks To Covid!!

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#59 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#60 Coronavirus Joke

#61 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#62 Dr. Fauci, You're Fired .... Soon!

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#63 Checkmate, Rona

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#64 Coronavirus Meme

#65 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#66 Plus Ça Change

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#67 All The Rona Memes From My Rona Meme Folder

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#68 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#69 Damn Straight Sir

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#70 Luckily Covid Doesn’t Spread Sideways

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#71 Now! That’s What I Call Coronavirus Volume II

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#72 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#73 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#74 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#75 God’s Holy Corona...

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#76 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#77 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#78 Stop Smoking Crack, People

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#79 The Us Looks Like A Bunch Of Fools

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#80 Pub Installs Electric Fence To Stop Drinkers Getting To The Bar

#81 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#82 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#83 This Guy

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#84 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#85 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#86 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#87 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#88 Ik Corona Meme Are Ded But I Thought This Was Funny

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#89 Coronavirus Liked That

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#90 Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have Reached The Pinnacle Of Covid Memes.

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#91 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#92 Anyone Else Feeling Helpless?

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#93 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#94 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#95 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

#96 The Coronavirus Is Living The American Dream

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#97 Oh Boy Can't Wait For The Covid-20 Update

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#98 Still The First Wave

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#99 Who Else Plans To Do The Same?

#100 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#101 Coronavirus-Pandemic-Jokes-Memes

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#102 Covid Testing Colorized (2020)

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#103 If Florida Were A Country, It Would Have The 2nd Worst Coronavirus Outbreak In The World. Governor Desantis Has Failed The State.

#104 We Didn't Even Get A Chance To Recover From Covid-19

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