Software for Computer Monitoring


The Best Software for Computer Monitoring

Recently, I got into a discussion.  A friend of mine was worried about their kid, and wanted a way to more accurately monitor them on their devices.  He was apparently unaware that there is software you can utilize to achieve exactly this.

Of course, there is a lot of options out there.  So this week I spent a lot of time going in-depth on them and deciding which ones are worth the money and which ones just aren’t.

The Final Decision

The final decision is PC Tattletale to be the most effective overall.  It rated best for all factors, including cost, effectiveness, and ease of use.  For a more in depth look at it and its features, see the PC Tattletale review here.

Computer monitoring like this can serve a variety of purposes.  Many people (like my friend) want to use it on their kids as a way to protect them.  However, they are also very common in corporate settings.  Employers consistently use them in order to make sure their employees stay on task, prevent use of work computers for illicit or immoral purposes, and to keep track of which employees are being productive and which are not.


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